Monday 30 April 2007

Sleep depri.. deprida... depriva... Lack of sleep

We're doing better day by day, but of course, as with most babies, Zachary is sleeping better during the day than at night. He's still quite a good sleeper - I think all this napping is making him tired!! But, of course, night is when he is fussiest. We've taken to sleeping in shifts up in our room as the other sleeps on the couch with him - or sometimes we're lucky enough to get him to sleep briefly in the playpen and catch some ZZZZZZs on the couch.

Ooo, I finally filed our taxes! And with over 6 hours to spare until the deadline! Woo hoo!

Zach gave his first "outdoor fountain" display

Yup, it took 8 days, but it finally happened. Jean-Paul got peed on (only a little). In fact, Daddy moved quite quickly considering it was about 4am. He did it quite gracefully while still keeping one hand on the Little Dude while bounding out of the way.

He peed in the free air today, but it was off to the side, so I didn't get hit. This new appendage is taking some getting used to for Mommy and Daddy!

And poor Zach going to lose some of his "peanut" - as Alex calls it - tomorrow. I feel so bad, but it's something we've decided to do.

And speaking of his peanut... That was a fun anatomy lesson for Alexandria the other day. She helped us give Zach a bath. She was staring at it with a look of confusion and curiosity. We explained what it was and that Zach was a boy, like Daddy, and she was a girl, like Mommy. She then bent over to try to take a look at Daddy. She's very confused and gets the belly button and "peanut" mixed up.

Sunday 29 April 2007

Welcome to our Blog

Taking a cue from Cary and Drew, we've created our own blog to help keep up with people and to help people keep up with us. I'll post when I've got some more time!