Thursday 23 September 2010

Awesome things are afoot at THEMUSEUM

Tonight I attended the Titanic Grand Launch at THEMUSEUM (formerly The Waterloo Regional Children's Museum) on King Street, Downtown Kitchener.

The event was very well attended. It was a great night with "3rd class" entertainment, traditional fare such as scrumptious looking Cornish Pasties. They were also HUGE. I had just had dinner so I didn't partake in the yummies that were available. I did indulge in one glass of champagne. :)

Some amazing girls entertained us as well. It was hard to get pictures of them as they bounded around!

The Titanic exhibit was pretty cool. The artifacts - and especially the stories - are, of course, amazing. We get to see what the first class and third class travelers would have experienced in their rooms. It was incredible how much these passengers paid to be aboard the Titanic!

The part I loved the most about the exhibit was the boarding passes we each got. It gave us "our" name and details about our trip, what class we were traveling in, etc. At the end of the exhibit, we got to find out whether we survived or not. A really cool touch.

I learned some interesting things. I would recommend this exhibit for older kids, teens and adults.

We have a membership at THEMUSEUM. We have for three years and we put it to good use. The membership this year will get us into the Tom Thomson exhibit, however the Titanic exhibit is extra. There is a special price for museum members.

Now... for some "world premiere" and "exclusive" pics! I was allowed to take a peek at the second floor exhibit. Here's a taste of what you'll experience starting tomorrow. I know my kids will LOVE this stuff.

Sunday 19 September 2010

See Mommy Waffle

I am a firm believer in following through. If a threat or consequence has been put out there, we have to go through with it. It sucks.

But, before we get to why that matters, a little back story...

Today we went to the New Hamburg Fall Fair. It was such a beautiful fall day out (yes I know it's technically still summer, but.. no.. it's fall) and they had a demolition derby there today at 2pm. Both the kids had such a blast last weekend at the Cambridge Fall Fair and demolition derby, so I thought I'd take them to this one. Plus, they were free today, so that helped. :)

The kids have hit big 'ride' milestones this summer. Alexandria has grown past 42" and Zach has reached the magical 36" mark. He was SO happy to be able to go on the roller coaster with just his sister - and not Mommy! They also went on one of those spinny rides. Just them. Very weird for Mommy to watch! (But a lot cheaper!!) It was a cross between the two pictures below. It had "solid" doors like the apple ride picture, but was animals - a penguin, bear, elephant and something else - like the other picture. The kids picked the penguin.

Alexandria had a very grown-up moment. There were 8 tickets left. Enough for the two of them to go on the roller coaster (3 tickets each). Problem was, there would be only 2 tickets left. Only enough for one of them to go one another ride. Zach had been asking to go back on a car ride they'd both been on. She agreed to let him go on the extra ride. With nothing in return or exchange! Awesome.

I let the kids play one game. It was a fishing game and they each 'won' a dolphin. Alex named hers 'Daisy' and Zach named his 'Poopy'. (First it was 'Teddy', but what kind of name is 'Teddy' for a dolphin!? Apparently 'Poopy' is much better.) Zach and Alex were very proud of their winnings.

Fast forward to home. Zach was being Zach when Zach gets tired and overstimulated. His listening had pretty much gone out the window. He was misbehaving and was told that if he did "x" again, his dolphin would be taken away and put into the box to give to other kids. As soon as that threat was out there, I regretted it. But, it was out there.... Well... he did "x" again.

Dolphin had to go bye-bye. Sadness ensued - Zach's and Mommy's. We continued on through the bedtime routine. Zach came up with lots of arguments about why he needed his dolphin, "But I can't sleep without it!!" (Remember, he just got the dolphin today.) :)

After a few minutes of sadness, I consulted with Daddy about an idea I had to remedy the situation and still (kind of) stick to the original consequence. Zach could get 'Poopy' back, but in order to do so, he would have to pick another stuffy to put in the box. He chose to do that. He is now sleeping with his new dolphin friend. And *I think* we came out ok... Or did I completely waffle?

Tuesday 14 September 2010

She's definitely enjoying herself

At dinner we do the "high point" and "low point" of the day.

Today Zach talked all about playgroup and circle time and a story about sharing. And a song they sang, "Poor little fly on the wall.. whatever." :)

*He enjoyed recounting all the fun he had today in playgroup even though he cried and cried when we were on the way there, on the way into the building and when we got to the playgroup...

When it came to Alex's turn she said, "I don't have a high point. Everything at school is a high point! It's all SO GREAT! I love everything! And there are no low points either!!"

I asked to elaborate and she talked about how it's even better than kindergarten! She can play wherever they want to now - even in the field! :)

Alex is also feeling confident with the new French words she's learning. She can count to quatorze and name most of the colours: bleu, jaune, rouge, noir, orange, rose, blanc, and her favourite... violet. :)

"Mommy! I ate all my peas!"

Um, no you didn't.  :)

Seriously... What. the. hell. Zach?!

I took Zach to the clinic today and he peed in a cup. They didn't pick up any sign of bladder infection there, but the sample's been sent to the lab for further tests..

He's been having 2-3 accidents a day since Thursday, and he's peeing again pretty much every night. We've started putting him back in 'nighttime diapers'. (Just regular diapers, but we only put him in one to sleep.) He's also been saying his 'penis hurts', too. He also said his 'tummy was itchy' a couple days ago.

Well, tonight? Jean-Paul was giving the kids a bath and Zachary POOPED IN THE TUB! He's NEVER done that (to my recollection). Alex did when she was little, but I don't think Zach ever did. What is going on, Buddy?!

He's also still coughing a bit. It's been almost a month of better and worse and better again, but not 100% normal. Pretty much since we got back from Mom and Tots camp.

I'm wondering if he's not handling the change of Daddy working more (so not being at home much) and Alexandria going back to school. And Mommy's been really busy at home, too. I need to pay more attention to him and give him some serious TLC.

I really hope this rights itself soon and that it's not something more serious...

Mommy loves you, little Doodle.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Barbie and her fantastic fashion fairytale

Or should I say, FLAIRYtale? (I'll explain that in a moment.)

"Magic happens when you believe in yourself" ~ Barbie

This is the heart of the movie. A simple sentence, no? It's something that we as adults struggle with every day. Anything that helps instill that in our kids now is a good thing, in my opinion.

Alexandria and I attended the "Barbie™ A Fashion Fairytale" Pink Carpet Premiere that was offered by the Yummy Mummy Club. Check her out working that pink carpet and the paparazzi!

We saw Barbie in a Mermaid Tale in the spring and I knew we had to do this one, too. Alexandria had such a great time at the last one, and if it's possible, I think she had an even better time at this one! She's already talking about the next one. (Hopefully there will be another one.) She spied the teaser for the Spring 2011 Barbie movie and was asking if we could go to the pink carpet premiere for that one, too. She's also been singing the "Yummy Mummy Club" theme and asking a few times a day if the video is up yet of our special day on Saturday. :)

This movie is set 'in the real world' as Barbie is an actress and even refers to some of her other 'movies'. A fun touch. She travels to Paris to spend some time with her Aunt Millicent at her fashion house after Barbie thinks she's been dumped by Ken - over the PHONE, no less!

(*And just a note to those who have seen the movie: If you were Ken, by the time you'd ended up in New Brunswick, would you not have at least called Barbie to smooth things out?... Who knows what Barbie might have been getting up to in Paris thinking she'd been dumped!!)

We've just recently gotten into the Barbie movies and I would say Barbie has evolved as an icon. She's not all about outer beauty and a look to aspire to. Even though this movie is about fashion, it's really about believing in yourself and being true to who you are.

Alex and I both enjoyed this movie. I thought the fashion show went on a little long, but when I asked Alex what her favourite part was, she said the fashion show... so, what do I know?

And the 'flairies'? Shyn'E, Shim'R and Glim'R. Very cute. Fairies have wings. Flairies? No wings, but lots of flair. :)

And I would LOVE a glitterized carriage with a flat screen. Now THAT's a way to travel.

One thing I would like to see is Barbie and her friends with a *bit* bigger waists! Her body (albeit computer animated) is quite impossible to live up to!

Alexandria wants to watch anything to do with the movie over and over. She absolutely loves this video:

So, Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale gets two thumbs up from Mommy and two enthusiastic thumbs up from Baby Girl!

(And the Barbie™ A Fashion Fairytale website is pretty cool. I checked it out while getting the link for this post.)

Here's the "Pink Carpet Premiere" event:

Saturday 11 September 2010

Conversations in the car

After the events of the last two days, I've been putting Zach back in a 'nighttime diaper'. We had a full day today (which I'll post about separately) and we were on the way home. I had put Zach in his jammies and diaper at the last event. We were in the car. On the expressway. In the rain.

This is the conversation Zach and Mommy had:

Mommy: "Zach, even though I put you in a nighttime diaper, it's just there 'just in case'. I still want to you tell me when you need to go to the bathroom and pee and poop in the toilet. Ok?"
Zach: "OK, Mommy. I need to pee."
(Did I mention we were in the car. On the expressway. In the rain?)
Mommy. "Can you hold it, Sweetie?"
Zach: "OK.... Mommy... (pause) I can't hold it. The seatbelt's in the way."
Mommy: (smiling) "OK, Sweetie. Can you just try not to pee?"
Z: "OK..." To himself: "Gotta pee. Gotta pee. Gotta pee..... pee.. pee.. pee.. pee... (pause) That's me peeing."

I had to smile (to myself, of course.) He's lucky he's cute. And I'm lucky I had him in a 'nighttime diaper'....

Friday 10 September 2010

Two happy people

Sometimes I let Zachary watch some videos while I work. Usually I put him on my lap to do that. This afternoon I decided to put a bar chair beside me and had him sit on it instead. This is how happy he was to be sitting "so high!" He was eye level with me and he thought it was just awesome. "I can see everything from up here!!"

A little while later, I was just as happy that he was sitting in a separate chair instead of on my lap.


He peed.

*This post was just interrupted by Zach. He just said he peed again. In the playroom. I don't think I'm going to take them out to the Cambridge Fair and Demolition Derby/Monster Trucks tonight. I'm not dealing with this out of the house. It's bad enough to have to do it here...

I'm beginning to wonder if he's got a bladder infection...

Thursday 9 September 2010

First day of Grade One. Seriously.

She's a full-time student now! Every day. How did that happen?!
Mom? Are you going to take a picture like this EVERY YEAR?!

Alexandria is loving school. :)

She was happy to be back with her friends.

She went into French Immersion with some of them. Some others stayed in the English class. Her teacher, Mme Busch, seems awesome. So warm and friendly. Can't wait to meet her next week. She sent mail to Alexandria before school started with a picture and a note (that Alexandria read on her own) that said, "I am so happy that you are in grade one French Immersion. We are going to have a wonderful year! You can find me on the first day of school because I'll be holding a red balloon." How sweet is that?! And she had name tags all ready for all the kids in her class.

We asked Alex how her first day was. I loved her response and I remember smiling a big, goofy smile, but for the life of me, I can't remember what she said to me! I know we talked about school again later and she said it was good. "Nothing bad happened at all!" We got that day two as well. "Nothing bad happened."

Today (day 3) she came home and asked, "Mommy did you label my crayons "James"?"
"No, Sweetie." I said smiling. "Do you have James's crayons in your box?"
"Do you think you can give James back his crayons tomorrow?"
"Did you lose your crayons?"
"Do you need new crayons?"

Of course, her crayons are the ONE thing I DIDN'T label with her Mabel's Labels!! (Lesson learned...)

*That's a non-affiliate link, by the way. I just really like the company and the women that run it because they're super-awesome.

And as if to signal the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Two of these were waiting on the car for us when we got back to it after walking Alex to meet her class.