Thursday 9 September 2010

First day of Grade One. Seriously.

She's a full-time student now! Every day. How did that happen?!
Mom? Are you going to take a picture like this EVERY YEAR?!

Alexandria is loving school. :)

She was happy to be back with her friends.

She went into French Immersion with some of them. Some others stayed in the English class. Her teacher, Mme Busch, seems awesome. So warm and friendly. Can't wait to meet her next week. She sent mail to Alexandria before school started with a picture and a note (that Alexandria read on her own) that said, "I am so happy that you are in grade one French Immersion. We are going to have a wonderful year! You can find me on the first day of school because I'll be holding a red balloon." How sweet is that?! And she had name tags all ready for all the kids in her class.

We asked Alex how her first day was. I loved her response and I remember smiling a big, goofy smile, but for the life of me, I can't remember what she said to me! I know we talked about school again later and she said it was good. "Nothing bad happened at all!" We got that day two as well. "Nothing bad happened."

Today (day 3) she came home and asked, "Mommy did you label my crayons "James"?"
"No, Sweetie." I said smiling. "Do you have James's crayons in your box?"
"Do you think you can give James back his crayons tomorrow?"
"Did you lose your crayons?"
"Do you need new crayons?"

Of course, her crayons are the ONE thing I DIDN'T label with her Mabel's Labels!! (Lesson learned...)

*That's a non-affiliate link, by the way. I just really like the company and the women that run it because they're super-awesome.

And as if to signal the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Two of these were waiting on the car for us when we got back to it after walking Alex to meet her class.
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