Saturday 11 September 2010

Conversations in the car

After the events of the last two days, I've been putting Zach back in a 'nighttime diaper'. We had a full day today (which I'll post about separately) and we were on the way home. I had put Zach in his jammies and diaper at the last event. We were in the car. On the expressway. In the rain.

This is the conversation Zach and Mommy had:

Mommy: "Zach, even though I put you in a nighttime diaper, it's just there 'just in case'. I still want to you tell me when you need to go to the bathroom and pee and poop in the toilet. Ok?"
Zach: "OK, Mommy. I need to pee."
(Did I mention we were in the car. On the expressway. In the rain?)
Mommy. "Can you hold it, Sweetie?"
Zach: "OK.... Mommy... (pause) I can't hold it. The seatbelt's in the way."
Mommy: (smiling) "OK, Sweetie. Can you just try not to pee?"
Z: "OK..." To himself: "Gotta pee. Gotta pee. Gotta pee..... pee.. pee.. pee.. pee... (pause) That's me peeing."

I had to smile (to myself, of course.) He's lucky he's cute. And I'm lucky I had him in a 'nighttime diaper'....
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