Saturday 29 September 2007

Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy and Dopey

Maybe it's because I saw Sydney White this week (the movie with Amanda Bynes as a modern-day Snow White - sort of), but I was thinking of us in terms of the Seven Dwarfs....
I was driving along with Zach in the car and he was just babbling to himself and playing with Link-a-Doos. That makes him Happy. Anywhere we are supposed to go or (almost) anything we are going to do, Alexandria gives us her "I don't wanna", giving her the title of Grumpy. Me? I am so Sleepy. (A argument could probably be made for Grumpy for me, too). Yes, Zach has been sleeping more, but instead of taking advantage of it and still going to bed early, I've been staying up late.... Now, that leaves us with Dopey.That would be Jean-Paul. When he gets tired, for lack of a better description, he goes gooey in the brain. For example, someone needed to drop off equipment at our house after their gig last weekend. That means it was about 1am. Normally Jean-Paul would have been up, but he was exhausted. So when the DJ called to get final directions to the house, JP was very dopey indeed. He's on the phone with her and calls to me for help. She's at High and West* (names of streets changed). I just said, "Are you serious? That's where we live...." But, yes he still needed my help to direct her here!

Well, Zach was just Happy and Sleepy, but now he's turned into Grumpy, so I have to go. Hi ho, hi ho......

Friday 28 September 2007

Monkey balls!

What? What did you think the pictures were going to be?

How would you like this job?!

I guess this guy's job is to make sure the rhinos don't ram the park guests. The rhino was getting a bit close to our van, so he made his way between us and the rhino. (Did I mention Grandpa's van is a nice shade of rhino-grey?)

The baby yak and the baby Zach

We went to African Lion Safari on Wednesday and we had a great time! Thanks to Grandpa and Nana for taking us through in their van! (Sorry about the van, Grandpa! The roof got a bit scratched - and pooped on....)

Why the title of the blog? Zach got hungry on our second ride through the park, so I fed him as we were going. We passed by a momma yak nursing her baby at the same time. (We didn't get any pictures, sorry;) It would have been a funny, but a too-much-information kinda picture).

Anyway - here are some pictures and a WHOLE LOTTA video from the day!
She had fun, really, she did...Which of us are on display?Nose-to-nose with a giraffeThis is how Zach spent most of the day. Just quietly playing.The baboons enjoyed licking the rain from the van.Grandpa gets mooned.This one doesn't look too happy with Nana!Not exactly sure what animal this is... Grandpa scared the hell out of me and opened the window!Zach gets in on the action (just after he had his lunch!)Doing his best deer-in-the-headlights impression. Pretty good, eh?I like to call this one "posing for wallpaper border". Notice how they're all lined up, nicely spaced:
giraffe, rhino, giraffe, rhino, giraffe.
Our monkey laughing at their monkeys. (See she did have fun)

And here are all the links to the video clips:

More baboons:
Still want more baboons?
More ostrich:
Just as we got there they were moving the elephants!
We stopped by a place that sells sheds/playgrounds. They've got replicas of dinosaurs!

Thursday 27 September 2007

Thanks for the visit, Cary

These are some shots from today. I had to post them because they are so sweet.
I was sitting and talking to Cary and she was holding Aidan. I went to get my camera because I just had to capture that moment.
See what I mean?

Aidan, Zach's built-in best friend, looking quite cute.
Lilly leaned over to give Aidan a kiss. A sweet big sister moment frozen in time.

So, ya, Zach goes both ways

Zach can roll over from front to back (like he's been doing since he was 3 weeks old) as well as from back to front. I just now saw him roll from back to front for the first time. We knew he could do it, though, because he fell asleep on his back in his crib and was on his tummy when we went in this morning. I said, "Hey, he can roll over." Jean-Paul replied, "Ya, he's been doing it for a while." Here I've been thinking he hadn't done it yet! Why do men not think as much of these "milestones", or at least not think to share?!

Monday 24 September 2007

Take a wild guess what Alex will be for Hallowe'en!

Anyone that knows Alexandria knows she's wild about dinosaurs. When the latest Sears catalogue came there was a supplement with costumes. On the page with the kids' costumes there was a triceratops. I looked at it and the price was reasonable so I gave the pamphlet to Alex and asked her to pick out what she wanted to be for Hallowe'en (after explaining Hallowe'en). I knew full well what she was going to pick, but this way it was "her" decision. So, we picked it up today and, of course, had to try it on!
She was happier without the head on. We'll see what happens on Hallowe'en. The smile below was when I reminded her was happens on Hallowe'en. We go to around to houses, say "trick or treat" and get..... CANDY!!

Sunday 23 September 2007

Some comparison shots AKA "How well do you know your babies?"

No reason other than because I can. Here are some shots of Alexandria and Zachary around the same ages.... Can you tell which is which?
OK - those ones aren't really fair. Top one's Alex and the bottom is Zach.
Yes. It's Alex, Zach, Alex, Zach. I like to call the bottom two "My GOSH, that's a huge pumpkin!"
Yup. Alex then Zach (see a pattern - I made it pretty easy on you).
That piano gets A LOT of use!! (And yes, it's still Alex then Zach)
I threw one in of myself there. Tricked ya! (And then Alex and Zach). Lovin' the thumbs!
Do ya think they're related?! Check out those hairlines!!

Three of us are teething!

I'm pretty sure Zach has started teething. He's furiously chewing on things and it seems to soothe him when he gets his gums rubbed. Alexandria is in the process of poking out 2-3 more molars. And me? My wisdom teeth have decided my 30s are a good time to make an appearance...

Had to get more use out of the hat!

We did it with Alexandria, so it's only fair that Zachary has to endure this, too!

Thursday 20 September 2007

A 13lb Turkey

So, Zach and Alex both had their weigh-ins at the doctor's office on Wednesday. Zachary is EXACTLY half of what Alexandria weighs. Zach's 6 kg to Alex's 12 kilos. (Translates to about 13 1/4 lbs for Zach and 26 1/2 lbs for Alex.)
Oh, the pictures? That's a13 lb turkey and a 26 lb fish.

Tuesday 18 September 2007

People keep taking my monkey!

Alexandria has been on THREE different sleep-overs in the past month! One at Grandma and Grandpa's place and two at Nana and Grandpa's place. She's currently at Nana and Grandpa's sleeping like a baby, apparently. She had a big day visiting Great Grandma and she conked out on the ride home. We get her back tomorrow. Can't wait to have my baby girl back!

Friday 14 September 2007

Zach's new toy

He's having a blast with the used Exersaucer we found. (And his feet. Not sure which is more entertaining....)