Sunday 9 September 2007

Mighty Machines, Mighty Machines....

.... Working for you doing mighty things, they're.... Mighty Machines!! (OK, so those of you who don't have small children probably don't know that song, but those of you who do have probably heard it over and over again!). Anyhoo, we went to the Mighty Machines Showcase yesterday and Alex had a blast! There were all sorts of mighty machines there: diggers, dump trucks, firetrucks, tractors, tractor trailers, tankers, etc, etc, etc..... AND the kids could go in them and pretend to drive them, etc (hence all the honking constantly going on!! It was LOUD!) They also had a demonstration where they pulled a flipped tanker truck back onto its wheels. The kids got to "pull" it back over. We just watched.

This video is not that exciting. 2 minutes of waiting for the tanker truck to be pulled back over onto its wheels.... You could just fast forward to the very end...

Zach enjoyin the day (note how noisy it was!)


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