Friday 28 September 2007

The baby yak and the baby Zach

We went to African Lion Safari on Wednesday and we had a great time! Thanks to Grandpa and Nana for taking us through in their van! (Sorry about the van, Grandpa! The roof got a bit scratched - and pooped on....)

Why the title of the blog? Zach got hungry on our second ride through the park, so I fed him as we were going. We passed by a momma yak nursing her baby at the same time. (We didn't get any pictures, sorry;) It would have been a funny, but a too-much-information kinda picture).

Anyway - here are some pictures and a WHOLE LOTTA video from the day!
She had fun, really, she did...Which of us are on display?Nose-to-nose with a giraffeThis is how Zach spent most of the day. Just quietly playing.The baboons enjoyed licking the rain from the van.Grandpa gets mooned.This one doesn't look too happy with Nana!Not exactly sure what animal this is... Grandpa scared the hell out of me and opened the window!Zach gets in on the action (just after he had his lunch!)Doing his best deer-in-the-headlights impression. Pretty good, eh?I like to call this one "posing for wallpaper border". Notice how they're all lined up, nicely spaced:
giraffe, rhino, giraffe, rhino, giraffe.
Our monkey laughing at their monkeys. (See she did have fun)

And here are all the links to the video clips:

More baboons:
Still want more baboons?
More ostrich:
Just as we got there they were moving the elephants!
We stopped by a place that sells sheds/playgrounds. They've got replicas of dinosaurs!


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