Monday 3 September 2007

Had to check if he was still breathing!

Zachary went to sleep last night around 10pm and didn't wake up until about 8:15 this morning!! For those of you having a hard time with the math - that's over TEN HOURS! Yay! He also went over 11 hours between feedings. That's why I had to check around 7:30 to see if he was still alive. Jean-Paul did the same thing around 8am. Last night was a bit different, though. Zach's got a cold, so he's been sleeping in his swing for the past two nights - and will again tonight because he's very stuffy. It keeps him propped up a bit so he can breathe better. And we can ALL sleep better. We didn't expect to sleep that much last night. Especially since the night before he was up more often than usual. I went to bed around 10 myself and Jean-Paul was going to take the first "shift" on the couch next to the swing. Well, Jean-Paul spent the whole night on the couch since Zach didn't wake up for a feeding at all.

Now, was last night just a fluke and Zach slept all the way through because he's sick and needed the sleep - or - was it the start of that wonderful sleeping-through-the-night thing we keep hoping will happen soon? Here's hoping it's the latter!!


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