Saturday 30 January 2010

Monster trucks! And motorcycles!! And racecars!!!

Yes, kids. We took Zachary - our little trailer park boy - to Monster Jam a couple weeks ago. The Rogers Centre (formerly the SkyDome) was host to the event. Zachary had an absolute blast. If you ask him what his favourite part was, he'll reply, "The monster trucks! And the motorcycles!! And the racecars!! And crashing!!!" So, pretty much everything. He even kept his hearing protection on when it was needed. No argument about it at all. I think he liked the ear muffs. :)

Here are a "few" pictures from Zachary's day out with Mommy and Daddy. (Alexandria got to stay with Nana and Grandpa for a couple nights so Zach could get some one-on-two time).

At the Pit Party prior to Monster Jam

El Toro Loco - the truck on the shirt :)

This car won the Demo Derby. It says 'Alex' & 'Z Man' on it!

On the way to the subway via the ACC to kill some time before showtime!

Playing some hockey in the ACC tunnel to Union Station.

Posing with 'Carlton'. Look who's on the TV! It's Daddy as the Dough Dude!

Boy! That is LOUD!!
El Toro Loco racing
Watching the motorcycles. Yay!
Go Monster Trucks!!
The demolitian derby! SMASHing and CRASHing!!
A quick shot of us after the show.
It's over..... :(  But we all had a GREAT time!!


Anonymous said...

Can I just say, my 3-year-old would LOVE this. He is such a boy's boy, trucks, dirt and construction are his passion. I'm sure Zachary had a blast!

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