Monday 11 January 2010

Little Giddy Girl on the Prairie

Is Little House on the Prairie a guilty pleasure for any else out there? I love this series. I was there in Walnut Grove when Mary lost her sight. When Laura got into trouble (ok, that one was easy). When Nellie grew up and married.... a Jew!! When Harriet dunked Nancy in the dunk tank. When Albert joined the family. When Pa finally gave Almanzo permission to marry Laura. And on and on...

When the Mirvish 2009/2010 subscription line-up was announced, I was squealing with delight to see that Little House on the Prairie was included! AND... for the cherry on the cake? Melissa Gilbert plays "Ma" in the musical!! For anyone does not know (who are you and why are you reading my blog?) Melissa Gilbert was (ok IS) Laura Ingalls (and later Wilder) - or as many of us know her... Half Pint. (By the way, you can follow Melissa on twitter. She is @MelissaEGilbert. I've also been following @PrairieMusical for months.)

Having grown up with the tv series, I was excited enough to be going to see this show in February, but now, as part of my involvement spreading the word about the musical, Jean-Paul and I (and two lucky friends) get to go on opening night! Yay! AND we get to go backstage! AND there are a whole whack of other 'Yummy Mummies' going that night, too!!! I can. not. wait!! So fun :)

AND, as part of my involvement, I get to offer my friends and family special discounted tickets. If you’d like to enjoy this musical with your family (they state it's ok for ages 4 and up), be sure to use the discount price code FAITH when purchasing your tickets. Tickets are as low as $25.00!

For more information or to order your tickets go to:, or 800-461-3333


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