Wednesday 27 June 2007

At least she told me....

As a step towards potty training, we've been trying to get Alex to at least tell us when she's pooped in her diaper. She doesn't want to take the time out to get her diaper changed, so it's usually the wafting the clues us in. Well, today she says to me "I pooped" and I turn around to see her holding the diaper in her hand! And yes, she had pooped... and it was not all in the diaper. Thank goodness she hadn't sat anywhere! It got cleaned up without incident.

Then tonight, as we were getting ready for bath, I took off her diaper just as she started to pee..... I just said "Oops, you had an accident. That's ok."

On a completely different topic - OMG is it hot!?! The temperature on our main floor today got to 30 degrees (without factoring in humidity) and it was 32 degrees in Alex's room. I don't even want to know what our bedroom is reading! Zach and I will be sleeping in the living room again tonight (just as we did last night - he slept in the playpen and I slept on the couch).

So, two more sleeps until CENTRAL AIR! YAY!!!!!!!! There's still soooo much packing to be done.. Oy!

Thursday 21 June 2007

Escaping the heat

I packed up the kids last Wednesday and we've been at Grandpa and Grandma's place since then. We're going to head home tomorrow, with a stop at the new house on the way. We didn't put the air conditioner in at the townhouse and hoped the heatwaves would hold off until July when we would be in our new place with central air. Nope. How many hot days have we had?! I've lost count - and there's another wave of hot/humid coming next week. Sheesh....

Nana and Grandpa and Grandpa have been very busy at our new place painting and flooring. Thanks to them it's getting close to being done. We would have had to hire people if it weren't for them. There's no way Jean-Paul and I would have been able to do this on our own, especially in time to move. So THANKS SO MUCH!! And thanks to Grandma, too for watching Alex and Zach while Mommy did some new house stuff, too!

She's probably right

My parents received a clock as a wedding gift 37 years ago. It has finally given up. Grandpa and Uncle Jeremy were trying to take a part off to try to get it replaced. Alexandria asked what they were doing and Grandpa replied "We're fixing the clock". Alexandria's response to Grandpa was "You're breaking the clock".

Sunday 17 June 2007

Busy Busy

As you can tell from my lack of blogging, we're pretty busy. The painting is getting close to being done. (Thanks so much to Nana and the Grandpas). We're hoping to get the painting done in the next couple days and then get the flooring started on Wednesday or Friday.

I've discovered that shades of red take A LOT of coats to cover. Four, actually, plus primer.....

I've discovered I'm pretty much useless if I'm at the house with the kids. Zach is pretty high maintenance and doesn't like to be left alone for long - and it's hard for him to sleep with banging and strange noises. He's a much different baby than Alex was.

I've also discovered I can leave Zach and he'll take formula, which is great. That allowed me to leave him with my mom for a few hours so I could get stuff done. I made two trips to Kitchener sans kids. Can I tell how nice it felt to actually be away for a bit? Can I tell you how guilty that makes me feel that it felt so nice to be away for a bit!? Such is the Catch 22 of mommy-dom.

Saturday 9 June 2007

Our little patriot

I was looking at the "By Three Years of Age, does your child..." checklist and number 4 states: Correctly say the words - my, home, pie, hop, bee, bib, no, man, one? So, this was our exchange:

Mommy: Can you say "my"?
Alex: my
Mommy: Can you say "home"?
Alex: home ... and native land

Too cute!

Friday 8 June 2007

Performing Monkey

Some shots from this week

This is what Zach looks like today. This is of Alex yesterday.

The kids playing piano

At the Early Years Party Part 2

Daddy worked at the party. Very focused Alex.

At the Early Years Party Part 1

Our little girl is getting so grown up!

Zach enjoyed himself, as you can see.

Misc "Feet" Shots

Alex picked up the camera and it went off.. This is the result :)

Some pictures

Guess whose idea the violin case was....


That's what time the banging started last night, or should I say morning?!

We were wondering what the hell was going on and when Jean-Paul looked outside he realized they were banging on the door next door to us. He opened the window and the guy said "I forgot my keys. Sorry, dawg." Jean-Paul said, "Well, now our 6-week old is awake. Thanks". Then under his breath to me he said "and don't call me 'dawg'". The banging continued and we offered to call next door, which apparently they had already done to no avail. It sounded like they started kicking the door and soon the noise stopped, so I'm not sure how it ended... But, it ended. Did I mention we're happy to be moving soon?!

Tuesday 5 June 2007

Got bumped..

Zach and I were supposed to see the midwife for our final appointment yesterday, but she had to attend a birth (I know, the nerve, eh?). So, no updates on our ever-growing boy. I'm thinking he's at least around 10 pounds now.

The fussy periods have been getting shorter, and we've had two nights with no fussy time at all. So, here's hoping we've peaked and this is a sign of things to come. He goes in his crib now from about 11pm until 8-9am (feeding every 3-4 hours) so that's HUGE. Mommy and Daddy can sort of get some real-ish sleep now. And Alex still sleeps pretty well. Although she's taken to removing her diaper in bed now....

We had our final walk-through yesterday, we meet with the lawyers tomorrow and we close on Thursday. We're almost home owners!! Yay and eeeek!

Oh, and my hand is a nice shade of green. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Saturday 2 June 2007

Smilin' Zach

Zachary is officially smiling now. The only thing better than a baby smile is a baby laugh, and I can't wait for that to happen. He's smiled at Grandma, Mommy and Alexandria a few different times.

He's also continued to roll over. It wasn't a fluke. He's done it at least four times now. He's actually pretty graceful while doing it.

I did end up going to the hospital yesterday about the hand - and the foot. It started to really hurt, too. I didn't break anything - just "soft tissue damage". I'm actually doing a lot better today. I'm typing with both hands. The hospital visit was pretty quick, too, for a hospital. It was about a 15 min wait in the waiting room. About 15 minutes more to see a doctor. About another 15 minutes to go for x-rays and then about 10 minutes or so for the doc to tell me the results. I think it helped I told anyone I was in contact with that I had a newborn at home that was going to be screaming hungry soon.

Well, I should go and take Zach back from Grandma and let her go to bed.

Friday 1 June 2007

A Good News/Bad News Kinda Day

The good news?

Zach didn't really have what I'd a call a fussy time last night. Yay!! He ate around 11pm and went right into the crib. He woke up every three hours or so to get a bit of nourishment, but went right back to sleep. He did this until about 7:30 this morning. I thought we were about to have fussy time around 1:30am because 15 minutes after I put him down he started to fuss. At least I THOUGHT it was 15 minutes later... I looked at the clock and it had been THREE HOURS... it was almost 4:30!! That shows you how tired I was!!

The bad news?

I'm typing with one hand. Why? Well, since I'm almost fully recovered from the c-section, I thought I needed another challenge. So, I injured myself today. Pretty good, too. I thought I was on the bottom stair in my parents' garage, but I was wrong. I stepped down to where I thought the floor was - and it wasn't... My left foot went out from under me a I went crashing down top-half first onto the concrete. I broke my fall with my left (thank goodness) hand and my two littlest fingers went right back. I thought for sure I had broken them when I felt how far they went!! I think I just sprained them, but man does it hurt! And I can't do much with the hand. Two good things. 1) I'm already at my parents' place so I have built-in help. 2) It was my left hand, so I'm not totally useless. (And I guess three good things - I wasn't carrying Zach).

I had to interrupt my typing this blog because there was a bang and a cry from Alex's room. Looks like she fell head-first out of the bed... Like mother, like daughter. (She's ok, by the way)