Sunday 17 June 2007

Busy Busy

As you can tell from my lack of blogging, we're pretty busy. The painting is getting close to being done. (Thanks so much to Nana and the Grandpas). We're hoping to get the painting done in the next couple days and then get the flooring started on Wednesday or Friday.

I've discovered that shades of red take A LOT of coats to cover. Four, actually, plus primer.....

I've discovered I'm pretty much useless if I'm at the house with the kids. Zach is pretty high maintenance and doesn't like to be left alone for long - and it's hard for him to sleep with banging and strange noises. He's a much different baby than Alex was.

I've also discovered I can leave Zach and he'll take formula, which is great. That allowed me to leave him with my mom for a few hours so I could get stuff done. I made two trips to Kitchener sans kids. Can I tell how nice it felt to actually be away for a bit? Can I tell you how guilty that makes me feel that it felt so nice to be away for a bit!? Such is the Catch 22 of mommy-dom.


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