Tuesday 5 June 2007

Got bumped..

Zach and I were supposed to see the midwife for our final appointment yesterday, but she had to attend a birth (I know, the nerve, eh?). So, no updates on our ever-growing boy. I'm thinking he's at least around 10 pounds now.

The fussy periods have been getting shorter, and we've had two nights with no fussy time at all. So, here's hoping we've peaked and this is a sign of things to come. He goes in his crib now from about 11pm until 8-9am (feeding every 3-4 hours) so that's HUGE. Mommy and Daddy can sort of get some real-ish sleep now. And Alex still sleeps pretty well. Although she's taken to removing her diaper in bed now....

We had our final walk-through yesterday, we meet with the lawyers tomorrow and we close on Thursday. We're almost home owners!! Yay and eeeek!

Oh, and my hand is a nice shade of green. The picture doesn't do it justice.


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