Wednesday 12 November 2008

Bye, bye Kittius Maximus

It's official. Max will be taken to the Humane Society soon. We've decided it will be me to take him there. Jean-Paul's breaking point was when Max peed on his dj equipment. Not good. Sorry Max, but you've gotta go. He's been a part of our household for over 6 years, but we just can't take it anymore.

Friday 7 November 2008

Alex's first DIY haircut

It had to happen eventually. Alex cut her own hair. She was doing some crafts and used her craft scissors on herself. She's been asking to get her haircut again - and now I guess she gets to!

Showing Mommy where she cut her hair.

The sheared lock.

Oh, "and why did she cut her hair?", you might ask. She cut it off to give to Daddy so he could glue it on his head and have some hair. Is that not sweet? :)

TONS of new pictures on the blog!!! (9 new entries)

Check 'em out, if you wish!

"Wii" this is fun!!!

We got our hands on a Wii and we're having a blast. We picked up a Wii Fit, too. I'm apparently 35 and Jean-Paul is 40 (according to the Wii). Oh, and Alex is 25. Jean-Paul is overweight - almost obese. I'm normal! Ha.

I got a little too into the tennis and knocked the console right off the table... Oops! At least it landed on a box of clothes!

Concentrating on fishing!Getting very excited about catching fish :)Driving with Daddy
Racing aroundLearning how to drive with Mario Kart


Hallowe'en fashion show

I got some costumes 75% off and Zachary had a blast!

He loved flying around the house as a butterfly. (Alex picked this out for Zach.)
So cute in pink and purple :) Do you think he'll kill us when he's 14?!

Mr Cutest-Bunny-Ever!!
Even came with a carrot :)
Now he's prancing around as a lady bug :)

Hallowe'en Fun

All ready to go get some candy! (And apparently chestnuts. Yes someone gave chestnuts...)Our two flying kids. The bat and the pteradon.
Eagerly awaiting more kids to give candy to. Someone from Alex's class came to our door. A very exciting moment for both of them! :)

They've gotta earn their keep somehow

Zoodle and his crayons

Gotta stick the tongue out when getting really creative
Teething break
Cute shot of the teeth
There's that tongue again

All ready for her very first SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!

I couldn't avert her eyes from the tv.
In retrospect, I should have kept her hair down more. Oh well.

Backyard Art Fun!

Our artists at work

Look at that hair flying! She was right into it! :)
Alex's painted hands
Zach wasn't too sure about the paint on him....
Action shot
Um, I just got some more paint on my hand
Mommy... clean, please
Our little Van Gogh, or is that Monet?
How does paint taste, anyway?

Monday 3 November 2008

"Shunting trucks!"

Zachary is now requesting the "Thomas and His Friends" song. He'll ask in various ways. "Train song" or simply "trains!". This morning he looked at me, said "shunting trucks" with his little smile. When I started singing the song, he just beamed. He was so happy I understood what he meant :)

Sunday 2 November 2008

Would YOU be able to get to sleep again?

It was about 3:30 am when I woke to Jean-Paul leaning over me and cackling maniacally, "Mwaaaa haaa haaa." Then he went on to say, "Gotcha! Gotcha times 3!!" He then went back down and into a quiet sleep once again. I tossed and turned for a bit and couldn't fall asleep. I finally went down into the quiet basement on the futon to sleep the rest of the night!