Sunday 2 November 2008

Would YOU be able to get to sleep again?

It was about 3:30 am when I woke to Jean-Paul leaning over me and cackling maniacally, "Mwaaaa haaa haaa." Then he went on to say, "Gotcha! Gotcha times 3!!" He then went back down and into a quiet sleep once again. I tossed and turned for a bit and couldn't fall asleep. I finally went down into the quiet basement on the futon to sleep the rest of the night!


Jane Sr. said...

well, wasn't that nice of him?!?!

JackiYo said...

I guess it runs in the family. My father-in-law woke one night to my mother-in-law strangling him. (She claims she was sleeping, too...) ;)

Jean-Paul talks in his sleep when he gets really, really tired.

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