Friday 7 November 2008

"Wii" this is fun!!!

We got our hands on a Wii and we're having a blast. We picked up a Wii Fit, too. I'm apparently 35 and Jean-Paul is 40 (according to the Wii). Oh, and Alex is 25. Jean-Paul is overweight - almost obese. I'm normal! Ha.

I got a little too into the tennis and knocked the console right off the table... Oops! At least it landed on a box of clothes!

Concentrating on fishing!Getting very excited about catching fish :)Driving with Daddy
Racing aroundLearning how to drive with Mario Kart


CivilWar Fangirl said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun with the Wii! Jeremy and I will probably pick one up at some point. We've been talking about getting one once we get a new place as a house-warming gift for ourselves.

Been doing any yoga with Wii-Fit?

JackiYo said...

We're having a blast. Did a bit of yoga. Just stretching, nothing much yet.

So, when will you be moving?...

CivilWar Fangirl said...

It'll be whenever Jeremy finds work somewhere. He's applied to so many jobs but has only had 2 interviews so far. Kind of a downer BUT...what can you do? I'm also waiting for something to come up in Goderich and I keep my eye out for that all the time. But yeah...hopefully we can move soon be it to the city or somewhere else in Goderich...cause this apartment is freakin' cold in the winter! And I want a Wii ;).

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