Saturday 5 September 2009

What kind of mom...

What kind of mom is so happy, so giddily happy, to just go to the grocery store simply because her kids aren't with her?!

What kind of mom listens to her little one fussing in the middle of the night and pretends to be asleep, waiting for her dear husband to finally get up and deal with the kid?!

What kind of mom puts her baby in his bouncer and plunks him in front of Baby Einstein on tv just so she can read the flyers?!

What kind of mom snaps at her child and makes him cry?!

What kind of mom takes her child home before the playdate is over, even though it pains her more than it does the child, because she has threatened to do so if the behaviour continued... And it did?!

What kind of mom pries her child off her and lets go in the pool, when that child is grabbing and hanging onto to her for dear life, but she knows her child can do it?!

What kind of mom yells all the way down from the second floor, telling her child not to yell up from the basement?!

What kind of mom just wants her kids to SHUT UP FOR A SECOND so she can have some peace and quiet?!

What kind of mom, even for a split second, longs for her life before she had kids?!

What kind of mom cries, looking at this newborn in her arms because she doesn't know if she can do this anymore?!

What kind of mom takes away her child's food for throwing it on the floor, even when he hasn't eaten any of it?!

What kind of mom can be so careless that her little one falls down the stairs?!

What kind of mom starts to drive away and then hears, "Mom, you didn't buckle me in!"?!

What kind of mom decides to formula feed her child because breastfeeding is just not working for her and her child?!

What kind of mom puts her screaming child in his crib and walks away to get some air on the porch because she knows she's at her breaking point?!

What kind of mom vaccinates her child, even though there are so many reasons out there not to?!

What kind of mom doesn't vaccinate her child, even though there are so many reasons out there to do so?!

What kind of mom walks away from the daycare door, her crying child inside, not turning back to go and comfort him "one more time"?!

What kind of mom watches her kids fight and doesn't intervene?!

What kind of mom lets her daughter go out in public wearing a red shirt and pink, flowery pants?!

What kind of mom puts on Blue's Clues just so she can have some time for herself?!

What kind of mom lets her daughter sleep in the swing all night because she's at the end of her rope and just can't take it anymore?!

What kind of mom is kinda tempted to leave her sleeping kids in the van all night?!

What kind of mom walks into her bathroom to find her 3-year-old holding the razor that was carelessly left within reach, mimicking shaving her legs?!

What of mom puts on Sesame Street because SHE wants to watch it, even though her kids don't?!

What kind of mom lets her child have a "3-year-old and older" toy when he's only 2?!

What kind of mom lets her kids stay in their pajamas ALL DAY?!

What kind of mom lets her kids have cereal as their meal for the THIRD time today?!

What kind of mom chooses disposible diapers because she knows she's too lazy to handle cloth?!

What kind of mom realizes that three (ok four) days has passed since her kids have had a bath?!

What kind of mom realizes that three (ok four) days has passed since she's had a shower?!

What kind of mom closes the front door as her husband leaves for work, turns around and slides to the floor, landing in a slump with her newborn in her arms and her 3-year-old downstairs watching tv, and just bawls, milk leaking, tears streaming, because she's not sure she can make it through the whole day?!

What kind of mom.... ?!

My answer? A real one. We, as moms, put on a pretty damn good front out there in "the real world". We look calm, cool, collected, organized... The funny thing is, we all think the others moms have it "together". We judge ourselves based on the fictional realities we've created in our own minds. We ask ourselves, "Why can't I be organized like Jenny?" or "Why can't I think of these cool crafts to do with my kids like Karen?" or "Why do I plunk my kids in front of the tv? Samantha doesn't."

You know what? We all have stuff going on. None of us are what we seem. We're not the superheroes we seem to be. We're not Spiderman... We're all just Peter Parker.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you for helping me feel normal. I loved this list! Sure to become a classic. Keep writing :)


Sarah said...

Awesome list... at the beginning I was thinking "but... I do that!" (and then I clued in and then giddily went to the store - alone!)


mom2peaches said...

thank you... :)
we made it, and will make it through the next stages too

Maniacal Mom said...

Hey! Who put a camera in my home and didn't tell me?!?! That is my life too! Thanks for sharing!

Angelia said...

I am "that kind of mother". Thank you for the validation and for the reminder that we are ALL just trying to make it through...

JackiYo said...

Thanks ladies for visiting the blog, relating, and commenting :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I mean BRILLIANT post. Will share this with all my mom friends. I can't tell you how many of those I can relate to, especially the last one about when the husband goes to work. Thanks for this!

Unknown said...

I think I'm still nodding my head in agreement at many of these.

I'm just fine being Peter Parker. :)

Unknown said...

That's a really great post, and exactly what I'm always trying to get across on my blog. We put pressure on ourselves, and on each other, and all it does it drive us nuts. We've all had our "bad" moments (which, in the grand scheme of things, aren't so "bad").

JackiYo said...

Thanks Cyn. I think we as moms need to build each other up instead of knocking each other down. And thankfully, I see more of the former than the latter. :)

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