Sunday 20 September 2009

Not sure this counts as "potty training"...

... but Zach got some pee in the little potty tonight. Let me back up a sec.

I was getting him "maked" (which is naked in Zach speak) and ready for his (desperately needed) bath tonight. I got him out of his clothes and a very-full-of-pee diaper. We made our way to the bathroom and Zach was standing beside the tub "maked". I turned on the water and almost immediately felt something wet and warm on my socked foot. I said, "Oh! You're peeing!", which startled him and he stopped - for a split second. He started peeing on the mat again. I said, "Oh! Zach. Let's try to get that in the potty!", which stopped the stream again. I moved him over two feet, he went to sit, but I kept him standing. He leaned forward and got the rest of his pee in the potty.

The mat is in the wash...


Anonymous said...

I hope the sock is in the wash too :O)
Good Job Zach!!

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