Thursday 31 July 2008

When friends let friends drink and dance....

Here are a few shots from Sabina (college friend) and Matt's wedding. We all partied as if we were still in college. The next day we all realized we were not in college anymore. I think some of us are STILL hurting from dancing all night!Not sure what Shannon was doing with the beer bottle!
John looks like a very happy man!It's ok. They're married.Um. They're not, though!
A very happy Sabina!Limbo bride!
(I think I'm the one responsible for getting the whole limbo thing going....)

Monday 28 July 2008

Spamming, Spoofing and Phishing

Got my first spoof emails. The first one was disguised as an eBay email sent from another member. It stated "You got my $500 but I never received my Sony laptop. I will be contacting police and eBay if I don't get it soon" or something to that effect. Like an idiot, I replied to the email stating I have never sold anything on eBay and you must have the wrong person - so they then had my email.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I get a phishing email from "PayPal" stating my account is being limited due to suspicious activity and I need to click on a link and follow the steps.

I also got another one from the "eBay member", too. I forwarded all three emails to the respective websites. All have confirmed they are scam emails. I am currently scanning my computer in case I'm infected with a virus.

At least I didn't put any information in their spoof sites. They were very, very legit looking. Even when compared side by side to the actual sites. I can see how people can fall for it.

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Not sure I'm ready for this!

But, we're about to find out!

Zachary is going for his first trip without Mommy or Daddy. Jean-Paul's parents are picking him (and Alex) up Thursday and bringing them back SUNDAY! (I hope they know what they're getting into!!). The whole crew will be traveling to Omemee on Friday to visit Great Grandma and the rest of the Omemee posse.

I'm not worried about Alexandria, really. (Except that she's JUST getting back tomorrow from a few nights with my parents!). I hope she'll be up for another few nights away from home. We'll play it by ear. Jean-Paul will be going to Nana and Grandpa's house for a bit on Saturday because he's DJing around there. So, at least he'll get to check in.

Wish us all luck! At think we're ALL going to need it!!

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Ron's comedy special airs this weekend

Click here for the link to CTV's Comedy Now webpage or here for The Comedy Network. Ron Sparks Comedy Now airs at 10pm Saturday, July 19 on CTV and at 10pm Sunday, July 20 on The Comedy Network.

Also, you can go to this webpage, click on the letter "S", scroll down to find Ron Sparks and you can get some video clips of some other comedy he's done.

Baby's first swim

The main pool divided into shallow and deep sections.
The kiddie area. (It was "out of service" tonight.... But it's attached to the main pool.... Go figure....)
The swirlpool (or warm pool) in the background. Much better for the kiddies.

Sorry. No pictures of us.

We took Zach and Alex swimming tonight. It's been about a year and a half (at least) since Alex was swimming, and it's been about never since Zach has been swimming. (The bathtub doesn't count.) We did take him to a splash pad the other night and he LOVED it. He absolutely LOVES swimming, too. He jumps in - and even "swims" already. Alexandria had a (mostly) good time, too. She's definitely not used to the water anymore. Too bad..... All those "lessons" she took.... Oh well.

I was holding her in the water and prepared her over and over and over again to go under. We held our breath over and over. Then I counted 1 - 2 - 3, we both held our breath, and as I dunked us under she breathed in! So, she got a nose and mouthful of water. She panicked, started clawing at me and when I set her up out of the water, she tried to get up and run. I calmed her down and she was ok. She got over it pretty quickly, but didn't want to even think about going under again! We'll try again next time....

Friday 11 July 2008

Maybe the job's getting to me....

... but I think this is funny :)

Thursday 10 July 2008

Calling out for Mommy now

Monday night, for the first time, Zach cried out "Mommy" in the middle of the night instead of crying. It just melted my heart! He also now cries out "Mommy" instead of crying if he's upset I'm leaving. That just breaks my heart!

He has A LOT of words so far: up, apple, cracker, woof, bird, bear, dinosaur (sort of), Mommy, Dada (or Papa), he sort of says "sister", too. I'm sure there are more than that, but that's my "off the top of my head" list.

Ooo - can't forget "duck". One of his first words. Also, anything with wheels is a "car car". It's hard to tell sometimes if he's saying "car car" or "cracker". You just have to guess by the context!

Gotta run to work now!

Tuesday 8 July 2008

What a tough week!

Just kidding! I've had it pretty easy so far at work. I hit my start date at exactly the right time. I'm hitting all the annual "meetings". Last week we went to Boppers in Windsor for an afternoon. Today was Palasad in London. (Both are "grown up" versions of Chuck E Cheese.) The week after next I'll be jet boating in Niagara. (Not too sure about this one, though! Not quite as "safe" looking as the other events!!) Check out the video on this webpage. (Just click "watch video" on the left hand side.)

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Got the Bug-a-bago today

It's a Chevy Uplander with a little "Abell" near the back on both sides and "Abell Pest Control" written along the hatch door on the back. No big dead bugs. Sorry to disappoint.

I'm off the Windsor overnight tomorrow. Yup. I'm spending my birthday in Windsor. In a hotel room. Alone...... Wait, that's not so bad. Rest, relax, don't have to clean up after myself! Happy birthday to me!