Wednesday 2 July 2008

Got the Bug-a-bago today

It's a Chevy Uplander with a little "Abell" near the back on both sides and "Abell Pest Control" written along the hatch door on the back. No big dead bugs. Sorry to disappoint.

I'm off the Windsor overnight tomorrow. Yup. I'm spending my birthday in Windsor. In a hotel room. Alone...... Wait, that's not so bad. Rest, relax, don't have to clean up after myself! Happy birthday to me!


CivilWar Fangirl said...

Happy birthday, Jacki, from the both of us!! :)

I should have given you a bottle of the red wine I made to take with you for your birthday ;). Enjoy Windsor!

Oh, and how did your first day of work go?

JackiYo said...

Definitely coulda used the wine!

Work's going well. Pretty easy couple of days!! Thursday afternoon was spent at a "meeting" at Boppers in Windsor (sort like Chuck E Cheese on acid).

mom2peaches said...

sweet vehicle! where does it fit in your driveway?

JackiYo said...

One of the cars has to go on the road for now. We're going to get rid of one in a couple/few months...

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