Tuesday 15 July 2008

Baby's first swim

The main pool divided into shallow and deep sections.
The kiddie area. (It was "out of service" tonight.... But it's attached to the main pool.... Go figure....)
The swirlpool (or warm pool) in the background. Much better for the kiddies.

Sorry. No pictures of us.

We took Zach and Alex swimming tonight. It's been about a year and a half (at least) since Alex was swimming, and it's been about never since Zach has been swimming. (The bathtub doesn't count.) We did take him to a splash pad the other night and he LOVED it. He absolutely LOVES swimming, too. He jumps in - and even "swims" already. Alexandria had a (mostly) good time, too. She's definitely not used to the water anymore. Too bad..... All those "lessons" she took.... Oh well.

I was holding her in the water and prepared her over and over and over again to go under. We held our breath over and over. Then I counted 1 - 2 - 3, we both held our breath, and as I dunked us under she breathed in! So, she got a nose and mouthful of water. She panicked, started clawing at me and when I set her up out of the water, she tried to get up and run. I calmed her down and she was ok. She got over it pretty quickly, but didn't want to even think about going under again! We'll try again next time....


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