Monday 28 July 2008

Spamming, Spoofing and Phishing

Got my first spoof emails. The first one was disguised as an eBay email sent from another member. It stated "You got my $500 but I never received my Sony laptop. I will be contacting police and eBay if I don't get it soon" or something to that effect. Like an idiot, I replied to the email stating I have never sold anything on eBay and you must have the wrong person - so they then had my email.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I get a phishing email from "PayPal" stating my account is being limited due to suspicious activity and I need to click on a link and follow the steps.

I also got another one from the "eBay member", too. I forwarded all three emails to the respective websites. All have confirmed they are scam emails. I am currently scanning my computer in case I'm infected with a virus.

At least I didn't put any information in their spoof sites. They were very, very legit looking. Even when compared side by side to the actual sites. I can see how people can fall for it.


Failsafe said...

Saheeb from Nigeria, who is the sole heir to his grandfather's entire $50,000,000 fortune, would also like you give you a cut. :)

Make sure you don't even click the links in suspicious e-mails. Just delete 'em.

JackiYo said...

I know. That's what I did by accident....

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