Monday 22 November 2010

Thinking outside the box..

... or inside the bowl, as it were.

After Nana and the kids were done pouring the cupcake batter into the cups, Nana gave Zach the bowl to lick. He licked away with his fingers, but apparently that wasn't doing the trick.

He stuck his whole head in there to get at the batter at the bottom of the bowl. And this was the result:

And so it begins..

Here is Alexandria's passive-aggressive homework from tonight. I told her she had to finish it before she could watch a YouTube video. She had to use some words from the word bank in her homework. This is the sentence she came up with:
It reads: "I love you but not when this happens."

Friday 19 November 2010

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Random shots from the iPhone

Just before Tanya and Kyle's wedding
 A pic with Amber Mac (author of Powerfriending) and Scott Stratten (author of UnMarketing)
My cute lunch date

 Building a tower "so high" at THEMUSEUM
 One of Zach's favourite parts of THEMUSEUM - the kid-size toilet :)
 My yo' books table at MeFest in October
 Alex having fun at the Watts Up exhibit at THEMUSEUM
 Zach and the "ground beavers" at THEMUSEUM
 Zach behaving VERY WELL at a networking/marketing event with Mommy
 Getting a hair cut and playing Wii racing
 Zach's regular state of being on the couch
 Cutie after school on a warm, but rainy-ish day
 A gorgeous Oktoberfest day
 My Oncle Hans pumpkin :)
 Fun with the forward-facing camera on the iPhone
 More fun
 My mini-Elton John
 Looking like such a little lady!
 Sharing a licorice a la 'Lady and the Tramp' at Nana and Grandpa's
 Putting in the new window at Nana and Grandpa's
 Tired on the train ride back from St Jacob's
 Intermission at Peter Pan
 It was such a magical show. Alex's reaction to it was awesome :)
 At the Little Tot Spot
 Great to see some friends at She's Connected
 Zach doing a fabulous job with a giant floor puzzle
 Playing in the leaves on the way to pick up Alex on Hallowe'en
 Getting dolled up at the Mabel's Labels party at Blissdom Canada
 Relaxing in my hotel room at the Delta Chelsea
 My "costume" for the costume karaoke party at Blissdom Canada. Get it?
 The kids joined me for a night at the Delta Chelsea after the Blissdom Canada conference was over
 Giant Connect 4. Pretty cool
 Painting at the hotel
 Fun in the leaves

 Enjoying the sway Mommy got at the Mabel's Labels party at Blissdom Canada
 First snow of the 2010/2011 winter season.
 Fun in the ball pit
 Singing in the choir at the Remembrance Day ceremony (Alex is in orange)
 A warm sunny day - November 12
 Even the dandelions are confused by the warm spell!
 More fun with the camera on the phone