Saturday 6 November 2010

First snow!

I'm not a fan of this cold, white crap, but the kids sure loved it.

Zach woke up... went down to the living room... ran to the window... and said, "Mommy! Mommy!! Look outside! There's snow!!!" Then he followed that up with, "Where are the presents?!"

I then had to explain that yes, there is usually snow at Christmas, but snow does not equal Christmas.

Alexandria woke up a little bit later and Zach made sure she saw outside. "Look Alex! Look outside! Snow!!" Then he added, "But there are no presents."  :)

We went to Alexandria's parent-teacher interview for 9:30 (which was glowing), then came back home and all the kids wanted to do was play outside, of course. So, I dug out the snow pants, got them suited up and let them loose in the backyard.

They came in about an hour later - very wet and very happy.

I'm putting up all the pictures I took because I think they're cute and capture the spirit of today, and, well, it's my blog.

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