Monday 1 November 2010

Not sure what to do with this...

I'm literally writing this post as my son is pooping in his PJs... I spent some time one-on-one with him this morning and then explained I had to do some work. He wanted me to play. I tried to reason with my three-and-a-half year old and asked him if he would rather Mommy leave every day and have a babysitter look after him. He said no. I told him that I was home, but I had to do some work.

He went to the playroom and played for a short while. Then he came up and wanted to "watch me work". So he sat on my lap. That got boring, so he got out a puzzle and started putting it together on the floor behind me. He asked if I could help him. I told him to work away at it like we did the other day. Gave him some reminders, such as flipping over the pieces and matching up the dinosaur parts. He asked again if I could help. I told him soon, but I needed to finish what I was doing first.

At this point he went upstairs. He went out of sight for a moment, then came back near the top of the stairs. I could tell he was pooping. He was standing at the top of the stairs defiantly pooping in his PJs - one-piece footie PJs, I might add.... He figured this would immediately get me up. I told him he had to wait. I cannot reward purposeful, negative behaviour. I just told him if he asked to go poop in the bathroom I would have gone with him, but now he's going to have to wait. I feel awful making him wait there in his PJs, uncomfortable with a load in it.... But, I don't want him to start doing this all the time when he wants my attention...

Ok, it's been a couple minutes now...

*A short break while I clean up this boy and his cry for attention....*

Alrighty... I'm back. After gingerly stripping Zach of his PJs; a thorough wipe down; then a shower; oh, and of course, throwing in a load of laundry... He's now playing in the playroom. Sort of.

Correction, he's sulking on the chair now after not being able to find a piece of a toy.


I will play with him for a bit soon. I just can't connect it to the poop incident. And I use "incident" on purpose, because it certainly wasn't an "accident."
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