Monday 27 July 2009

Baby's First Haircut

Yup. We did it. Zach got his ears enlarged, er, I mean, hair cut. (But, man! Do his ears ever look bigger now!)

We took him to Cookie Cutters in Waterloo. It's the same place we took Alexandria for her first cut, so I figured we better do the same for Zachary - complete with certificate, picture and lock of hair for the baby box.

He was such a good little guy for the whole time. The race car chair and Thomas video helped! :)

On the way there:
Playing a bit before the haircut:
Big sis showing Li'l bro around:
Checking out the firetruck (where they wash the hair):
Picking out the video to watch during the "procedure"
Such a serious boy!
Keeping an eye on things!
All done!Peek-a-boo!

What does a toucan say?

I'll let you be the judge on this one. Do you think we need to cut back on Zoodle's tv time?

Here's what happened. Zach was looking at a picture of a toucan in one of Alex's Chirp magazines. I said, "What does a toucan say?" And Zach's response? "Froot Loops!" (or more precisely, "Fwoot Woops!")

Sunday 26 July 2009

Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!

I love this book, so I thought I'd do a little review about it.

As most of the readers of this blog know, Alexandria LOVES, LOVES, and did I mention, LOVES dinosaurs. She took a dinosaur for most "letter" days in her JK class this year. E was Edmontosaurus. A was Allosaurus. For P? She took two. Parasaurolophus (her favourite) and, I love this one - Pteradon. And the day they had to take a word with the "at" sound? She took and Apatosaurus! I love it. Anyway, back to the book review.

The title, "Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!" intrigued me at first glance. Once inside, the book by Kathleen V Kudlinski does not disappoint. It's filled with things that were once considered "facts" about dinosaurs - things such as the bones found must have been dragon skeletons, or that the Iguanodon had a horn on its nose, much like a rhinoceros. It is well written, well illustrated and does not presume to think that we are correct, even now, about dinosaurs. It encourages the reader to think about things we think of as "facts" now. I love that it wonders what kinds of things - the things we think we know now - might come to seem just as silly as some of the past ideas do. The book also speculates that the reader may someday be that person that proves some of today's theories wrong. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a mini paleontologist on their hands.

Thursday 23 July 2009

"I got my wish, Mommy"

We all went to Windsor this week. I had to go for work, and since there's no school, no playground camp and no commitments at all to keep the family at home, they came with me. We stayed at the Travelodge for two nights. You can't really see it in the picture, but they have a little toddler pool beside the big one. It's got a little fountain and slide for the kids. Zachary also braved the big slide (pictured below) a few times, until Daddy insisted I let Zach hit the water before catching him. My aim wasn't the best with the twist at the end, Zach went sideways a bit and his face went into the water. He wasn't so keen after that. Alex got A LOT more comfortable in the water while we were there. She wore water wings and didn't need to cling to me. (I forced her to go on her own by letting go of her in the pool. Mean Mommy, I know. She knew I was right there. She was ok after about two seconds.) They went swimming three times while we were there. I got in once.

They also went to Monkeytown ( and LOVED it! We had built that up quite a bit and they were looking very forward to it. We didn't really get any pictures since our camera battery is pretty much completely dead. Jean-Paul took a few pictures on his phone. We'll see if I can get those on here. Here are some pics from Monkeytown's website. Alexandria loved the circle bikes. She's showing some leadership skills, too. She loves to find a kid or two to play with. She went over to a girl who was probably about 3 or 4 and said, "Hi. Would you like to be my partner?" The little girl thought that would be a good and Alex joined her in the play structure. Alex then suggested three things they could do. She pointed to the three areas she would like to go to, stating what they were and gave the other girl a choice. "Would you like to play in the town, go on the bikes or play with the puppets?" I love that she took charge and gave the girl some choices. That's great leadership. Gently guiding while letting the other person choose (of options that were agreeable to Alex, of course.) :)

Now, the best part of the time away? Alexandria was sitting on my lap, giving me hug. Then she looked up at me and said:
"Mommy. My wish finally came true!" (with a big smile, then planted her head back onto my chest and recommenced hugging)
"What wish, honey?" (she looks back up at me)
"My wish that I could come with you when you go away to work." (with that gorgeous, beautiful, contented smile and snuggled right back into that loving hug again.)
Those moments make everything else just melt away.

Saturday 18 July 2009

I got to see The Dan Band, I got to see The Dan Band!!!

I LOVE The Dan Band, especially the lead "Dan Finnerty" (see #5 in the other post from tonight.) I think they are hilarious. Brilliant. Check them out on YouTube. (A bit o' language if you're a little sensitive....) They sing female anthems and do it REALLY well! They appeared in Old School, Starsky and Hutch, and most recently The Hangover.

When I found out they were doing a (free) concert at Yonge/Dundas Square on Friday, July 17 as part of the Just for Laughs (Toronto) festival, I just had to find a way to go!! They don't make it up this way that much. (Even though this is where "The Dan Band" was conceived. Dan Finnerty sang "I Am Woman" drunk at karaoke in Toronto and the rest is Dan Band history.) Thanks to Nana and Grandpa for coming to babysit while Mommy gallivanted in The Big Smoke!

A two-hour commute, one hour of politley working way to front (I am Canadian, after all) before the show started and 45 min of on and off rain (more on than off) totally worth it!!

If I was any closer to Dan Finnerty tonight I would have broken at least one or two marriage vows. I can NOT believe I forgot to bring the camera! I didn't even have a paper and pen. I asked where their DVD could be (legally) purchased and apparently it can't. He said he'd give me one if he had one. :)

I managed to make my way right up front for the concert, got lots of eye contact from Dan, and especially from Gene one of his back-up singers. And not eye contact in that creepy, stalker kinda way, but the hey-we're-all-just-having-a-blast kina way. The show friggin' rocked. Absolultely brilliant! By the way, "brilliant" is a word I'm going to try to use more (and not in the sarcastic way it is generally employed by me currently.)

Oh, and then a rat crossed in front of me while I was walking toward Massey Hall after the show... (Is that bad luck?) Gotta love Toronto!

The "list"

First of all, what is the "list" I am referring to? You may be wondering what this post is all about. Many of the ladies out there probably already know - and may have a list of their own. The "list" was made popular by "Friends" (season 3, episode 5) where Ross misses his opportunity with a "lister" who happened into Central Perk.

The list is 5 celebrities whom you're allowed to sleep with. A freebie. No questions asked.

Anyway - here is my list:
1. Dan Finnerty: He is the lead in The Dan Band. An extremely funny trio who sing female anthems. Check out their "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or "Hold On" on YouTube! (More about The Dan Band's concert tonight at Yonge-Dundas Square in my other entry - Still can't believe I forgot my camera...)
2. Colm Feore: The sexiest man at the Stratford Theatre! Also a very versatile actore - and seems like a down-to-earth family guy, too. He and his wife, Donna, chose to raise their kids in Stratford, even though L.A. would have made way more sense to live in for Colm's career. (I do know where he lives and I have not stalked him at all. Pretty good, eh?)
3. Colin Mochrie: Again with the funny! He is a (deceptively) tall, kind-hearted, Canadian, too. A staple on Whose Line Is It Anyway along with Ryan Stiles (who is the only reason Colin didn't look as tall as he actually is). His improv skills are AMAZING!
4. Hugh Jackman: Does this need ANY explanation?! Brilliantly easy on the eyes - and funny, too! He was my favourite Tonys host, until #5 came along. Still love him, though. WHAT a body!
5. Neil Patrick Harris: I know NPH is gay, but that doesn't mean we can't eat ice cream sandwiches, cuddle up and watch some good movies together. Maybe even have a tickle fight. I think he'd be good in a tickle fight.

I have now met three of my five "listers". I have gotten a picture with one (didn't have a camera the other two times, dammit!), spoken to all three, been threatened by one and slept with only two. OK. I haven't slept with any of them. No lip action either - other than the verbal exchanges. All were very gracious, as I imagine the other two are as well.

I met Dan Finnerty tonight after the show. A brief encounter, a few sentences exchanged. He was tired and wet and still made a bit of time for the fans that made their way over to say hi to him. Did I mention I can't believe I didn't bring the camera?!

The Colm Feore sighting happened at Moose Winooski's in Kitchener. I was having dinner with Jean-Paul and my parents (don't think Jeremy was there... maybe) when I said, "That looks like Colm Feore. Oh my God! It IS Colm Feore!" I was a good, polite, little Canadian girl and did not go over to the table where he was having dinner with his family. I waited until he was standing in the games area watching his kid play some games. We spoke for a bit. He threatened to rip my throat out if I did not go to see Chronicles of Riddick (in which he plays the bad guy.. he's so good at playing bad!). Again, me without my camera...

We met (and got a picture with) Colin Mochrie after a show at The Second City in Toronto. Also met Patrick McKenna that night (Harold from Red Green). Colin is SO tall! I look like a shrimp next to him. OK, I always look like a shrimp, but I looked like a baby shrimp.

Three out of five encounters so far, but haven't used the power of the list yet....

And look! Two of my five TOGETHER! Oh, the possibilities!!

Oh, and I have George Clooney ready to sub in if anything should befall one of my "listers". You never know. Gotta have back-up!

Friday 17 July 2009

What is kayak?

This would be the Jeopardy answer to "The mode of transportation one would use when going from the CN Tower to the Sydney Airport in Australia."

At least according to Google Maps. Yes. If you need to travel overseas, Google Maps advises you to "kayak" across the appropriate ocean. Tried it myself. Too funny!

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Tips for bathing young children

Here's a tip that has helped our bath times go more smoothly - and keeps water from going over the edges of the tub. It works really well. A little flutter board makes a great "table" in the tub. No more experimenting using the sides of the tub! It can be a lily pad, a boat launch, a head rest, a lab... whatever they want it to be.And, just in case things start to go south with two kids and one flutterboard...
We have one for each kid. Aren't they cute?!

Monday 13 July 2009

Saturday 11 July 2009

How to make guest services get all misty-eyed

I took Zach to a mall this afternoon while Alexandria was at a birthday party. It was a nice Zach-and-Mommy-only time. That so rarely happens. (If ever!) We stopped at the toy store for some Thomas the Tank Engine time and then went for a slice of 'za and some fries in the food court. (I LOVE that they have a cooler to fill up on water with your meal!) After the meal we headed over to where the kiddie mall rides USED to be.... That part of the mall was recently renovated, so I thought maybe they moved them. (The whole point of coming to said mall was the rides. I asked Zach where he wanted to go/what he wanted to do and he said rides at the mall....)

Zach and I went to guest services. I picked Zachary up so he could ask the lady himself. In his best two-year-old sad, little voice he asked, "Where are the rides?" She just looked at me, looking as if she was about to cry and emitted an "Awww." (Not the oh-you're-so-cute awww, but I-hope-you-don't-cry and you're-going-to-make-me-cry awww.) She said to Zach, "Aw, sweetie. They sent them to get fixed. They're not here right now." To which he replied (even more sadly), "Why?" The guest services lady emitted that sound again and turned around for a moment. I jumped in before they both started crying and offered (in an overly excited voice), "How about we go and play with Thomas again?!" That worked.

Before we were off she asked, "How old is he?" "He turned two in April." "Wow. He talks good." (Too bad she didn't....)

Friday 10 July 2009

Alex's answer to bunnies eating our seedlings

Her first thought is that the rabbits are jumping over the fence, so we should make the fence higher. I explain they are likely going underneath. OK. Next thought. We should dig down way into the ground and make the fence go deep, deep down. And still make it higher for good measure. Just in case they can still jump over it.

When I asked her who would do all this, she sat for a minute and came up with a different, much less labour-intensive idea. A sign. A sign that says "NO RABBITS". :) She said, "When they see the sign with them with a red line through it they will know they can't come in the garden."

I love the mind of a child.

What? Me, aging?

Apparently this aging thing is happening. And it's going to continue to happen. Which I guess is better than the alternative of being dead.

I am now officially tipping the teeter-totter closer to 40 than 30. Hell, I'm closer to 50 than 20! WTF?! How did THAT happen? It honestly never really actually crossed my mind that I would ever age.

In fact, I'm still surprised at the person looking back at me in the mirror. I still feel like the thin(ish) person I was back in high school/college. OK, the beginning of college, before Harvey arrived, with his poutine. Oh Harvey. What a love affair we had that last year of college. I didn't put on the freshman 15, I put on the senior 17. It hasn't gone away. I went down a bit when I distanced myself from Mr. Poutine. Not by much.

10 years later, my pre-pregnancy weight was 123 lbs. When I had my first weigh-in for my second pregnancy I was 123 lbs again. (I like to be consistent.) Not bad considering I really didn't try to get back down to my former (30 year old) self. 2 years post-partum from 2nd baby, though... Still in the 130s... I am still completely shocked when I see my ass. My mind's self is so much thinner than my actual self!

OK, this became more about weight than aging... Back to aging. Well, keeping the weight down is a big change. I never had to worry about it before. Now I jiggle. And not in that tight, hot 20-something way. In that Homer-Simpson-stomach-fat-jiggle-test kinda way. Not sexy.

Grey hair. I have grey hair. And they're multiplying. When my hairdresser said, "This colour will cover up those grey hairs," I had no idea who she was speaking to. What? Me?

And what is with my body needing to tell me everything that's bothering it? We used to have a good relationship. Now it complains way too much and has to let me know EVERYTHING it is doing! I really don't need to know which side I'm ovulating from. Thanks for the mid-month cramping, though.

I crack, I crinkle. My knees sound like maracas. That will never go away. Permanent maracas. I can never sneak up or down stairs again. Especially down. Sounds gross.

Gravity is not my friend. Every part of me has given up trying to fight it. The boobs? Remember the pencil test? I think I could carry cobs of corn now. Two of them, to be precise. I used to be so perky. Freddie and Eddie were quite nice, thank you very much. Now they need a lot of coaxing and positioning and support. Can't forget support. Oh, and the ass? Actually the ass is migrating both south and north. Go figure.

Anyway, enough bitching and moaning. I have to save some for the seniors' home.

Monday 6 July 2009

I'm closed!

Alex and Zach were playing soccer. (Or a version thereof). Alexandria was yelling, "I'm open! I'm open!" Zach's response? "I'm closed! I'm closed!"

Hey, he understands opposites. :)

Wednesday 1 July 2009

He sure loves his "yucky germs"

The other morning Zachary was asked what he wanted to breakfast and he kept saying, "Yucky Germs!!" Pardon? "YUCKY GERMS!!". Finally he pointed to the box of.... Lucky Charms... :)

Alexandria got to pick out any cereal she wanted as a year-end treat, as well as any ice cream treat she wanted. She chose Lucky Charms and ice cream sandwiches :) She was very excited!