Saturday 18 July 2009

The "list"

First of all, what is the "list" I am referring to? You may be wondering what this post is all about. Many of the ladies out there probably already know - and may have a list of their own. The "list" was made popular by "Friends" (season 3, episode 5) where Ross misses his opportunity with a "lister" who happened into Central Perk.

The list is 5 celebrities whom you're allowed to sleep with. A freebie. No questions asked.

Anyway - here is my list:
1. Dan Finnerty: He is the lead in The Dan Band. An extremely funny trio who sing female anthems. Check out their "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or "Hold On" on YouTube! (More about The Dan Band's concert tonight at Yonge-Dundas Square in my other entry - Still can't believe I forgot my camera...)
2. Colm Feore: The sexiest man at the Stratford Theatre! Also a very versatile actore - and seems like a down-to-earth family guy, too. He and his wife, Donna, chose to raise their kids in Stratford, even though L.A. would have made way more sense to live in for Colm's career. (I do know where he lives and I have not stalked him at all. Pretty good, eh?)
3. Colin Mochrie: Again with the funny! He is a (deceptively) tall, kind-hearted, Canadian, too. A staple on Whose Line Is It Anyway along with Ryan Stiles (who is the only reason Colin didn't look as tall as he actually is). His improv skills are AMAZING!
4. Hugh Jackman: Does this need ANY explanation?! Brilliantly easy on the eyes - and funny, too! He was my favourite Tonys host, until #5 came along. Still love him, though. WHAT a body!
5. Neil Patrick Harris: I know NPH is gay, but that doesn't mean we can't eat ice cream sandwiches, cuddle up and watch some good movies together. Maybe even have a tickle fight. I think he'd be good in a tickle fight.

I have now met three of my five "listers". I have gotten a picture with one (didn't have a camera the other two times, dammit!), spoken to all three, been threatened by one and slept with only two. OK. I haven't slept with any of them. No lip action either - other than the verbal exchanges. All were very gracious, as I imagine the other two are as well.

I met Dan Finnerty tonight after the show. A brief encounter, a few sentences exchanged. He was tired and wet and still made a bit of time for the fans that made their way over to say hi to him. Did I mention I can't believe I didn't bring the camera?!

The Colm Feore sighting happened at Moose Winooski's in Kitchener. I was having dinner with Jean-Paul and my parents (don't think Jeremy was there... maybe) when I said, "That looks like Colm Feore. Oh my God! It IS Colm Feore!" I was a good, polite, little Canadian girl and did not go over to the table where he was having dinner with his family. I waited until he was standing in the games area watching his kid play some games. We spoke for a bit. He threatened to rip my throat out if I did not go to see Chronicles of Riddick (in which he plays the bad guy.. he's so good at playing bad!). Again, me without my camera...

We met (and got a picture with) Colin Mochrie after a show at The Second City in Toronto. Also met Patrick McKenna that night (Harold from Red Green). Colin is SO tall! I look like a shrimp next to him. OK, I always look like a shrimp, but I looked like a baby shrimp.

Three out of five encounters so far, but haven't used the power of the list yet....

And look! Two of my five TOGETHER! Oh, the possibilities!!

Oh, and I have George Clooney ready to sub in if anything should befall one of my "listers". You never know. Gotta have back-up!


mom2peaches said...

hmmmm I dont have a list... might take me a while... definitley Hugh Jackman... Alistair Mackenzie... hmmmm

so what prompted this blog entry? ;)

JackiYo said...

At The Dan Band show last night, it occurred to me I should have made a shirt that read "Hey Dan! You're on my list!"

Hence the idea for the blog. I actually emailed myself the idea while on the subway coming home. :)

Lisa aka @those2girls said...

You should send all of them this post!

I agree with the Hugh Jackman-something about a fella with an accent!

George Clooney is also the big YES!
The only man with Gray hair that I think is hot.

then I go to the very young Tom Weilling from Smallville (I love all things Superman)

Ewan McGregor is also on that list (act & sing & throws down with a lightsabre)

& the always HOT & funny Ryan Renolds (at least I got one Canadian in there!)

JackiYo said...

Ooo. Tom Weilling. Good one.

If I was going for hotness as the biggest factor (humour still being strong), I would still have Hugh Jackman, but Ryan Reynolds would bump out Colin Mochrie (sorry Colin), and maybe I'd throw in David Boreanaz rather than Dan Finnerty (so sorry, Dan...).

JackiYo said...

Although Dan Finnerty is pretty sexy dancing around on stage....

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