Wednesday 15 July 2009

Tips for bathing young children

Here's a tip that has helped our bath times go more smoothly - and keeps water from going over the edges of the tub. It works really well. A little flutter board makes a great "table" in the tub. No more experimenting using the sides of the tub! It can be a lily pad, a boat launch, a head rest, a lab... whatever they want it to be.And, just in case things start to go south with two kids and one flutterboard...
We have one for each kid. Aren't they cute?!


Anonymous said...

Those are great and a great idea too. My kids love bathtime and I am so glad we got a good and heavy duty showercurtain.

Where did you get them?


JackiYo said...

I got those ones at the Superstore, but I've seen the same ones at Giant Tiger, too.

Diane said...

Love the idea wish I had known it when my daughter was younger.

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