Monday 27 July 2009

Baby's First Haircut

Yup. We did it. Zach got his ears enlarged, er, I mean, hair cut. (But, man! Do his ears ever look bigger now!)

We took him to Cookie Cutters in Waterloo. It's the same place we took Alexandria for her first cut, so I figured we better do the same for Zachary - complete with certificate, picture and lock of hair for the baby box.

He was such a good little guy for the whole time. The race car chair and Thomas video helped! :)

On the way there:
Playing a bit before the haircut:
Big sis showing Li'l bro around:
Checking out the firetruck (where they wash the hair):
Picking out the video to watch during the "procedure"
Such a serious boy!
Keeping an eye on things!
All done!Peek-a-boo!


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