Thursday 23 July 2009

"I got my wish, Mommy"

We all went to Windsor this week. I had to go for work, and since there's no school, no playground camp and no commitments at all to keep the family at home, they came with me. We stayed at the Travelodge for two nights. You can't really see it in the picture, but they have a little toddler pool beside the big one. It's got a little fountain and slide for the kids. Zachary also braved the big slide (pictured below) a few times, until Daddy insisted I let Zach hit the water before catching him. My aim wasn't the best with the twist at the end, Zach went sideways a bit and his face went into the water. He wasn't so keen after that. Alex got A LOT more comfortable in the water while we were there. She wore water wings and didn't need to cling to me. (I forced her to go on her own by letting go of her in the pool. Mean Mommy, I know. She knew I was right there. She was ok after about two seconds.) They went swimming three times while we were there. I got in once.

They also went to Monkeytown ( and LOVED it! We had built that up quite a bit and they were looking very forward to it. We didn't really get any pictures since our camera battery is pretty much completely dead. Jean-Paul took a few pictures on his phone. We'll see if I can get those on here. Here are some pics from Monkeytown's website. Alexandria loved the circle bikes. She's showing some leadership skills, too. She loves to find a kid or two to play with. She went over to a girl who was probably about 3 or 4 and said, "Hi. Would you like to be my partner?" The little girl thought that would be a good and Alex joined her in the play structure. Alex then suggested three things they could do. She pointed to the three areas she would like to go to, stating what they were and gave the other girl a choice. "Would you like to play in the town, go on the bikes or play with the puppets?" I love that she took charge and gave the girl some choices. That's great leadership. Gently guiding while letting the other person choose (of options that were agreeable to Alex, of course.) :)

Now, the best part of the time away? Alexandria was sitting on my lap, giving me hug. Then she looked up at me and said:
"Mommy. My wish finally came true!" (with a big smile, then planted her head back onto my chest and recommenced hugging)
"What wish, honey?" (she looks back up at me)
"My wish that I could come with you when you go away to work." (with that gorgeous, beautiful, contented smile and snuggled right back into that loving hug again.)
Those moments make everything else just melt away.


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