Saturday 11 October 2008


Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I'd reflect a bit.

I am thankful for a messy house.
I am thankful for a loving husband.
I am thankful my children have such a wonderful father.
I am thankful for babies that cry in the night. I know that time will end way too soon.
I am thankful for little girls that ask "why" and "what are you doing today" and "what are you doing tomorrow" and "what are you doing later". I know that time will end way too soon as well.
I am thankful for poopy diapers. Ok. Maybe not. But I love the baby stage that comes along with them.
I am thankful for Christian Bale, Colm Feore and Johnny Depp. Oh, and George Clooney.
I am thankful my children are happy and healthy. I can't imagine what some parents go through and I pray I never have to.
I am thankful for cuddle time.
I am thankful I have kids that fight over me. It's nice to be loved that much. (Although I'm not sure I'd rate higher than trains....)
I am thankful for all the amazing friends we have in our lives. We don't see them nearly enough. We need to do that more. Messy houses or not.
I am thankful that my kids have both sets of grandparents and that they are nearby and well enough to enjoy their grandkids.
I am thankful for all the help that our parents give to us, without any thought of getting something in return. Eternal gratefulness is our gift to you. Words cannot express how much you are appreciated.
I am thankful my kids have two great-grandmas still with us. We are truly blessed.
I am thankful for the heating bill, the gas bill, the water bill, the property taxes..... It means we have a home.
I am thankful we live in a country that allows us the freedom to choose our leaders - even though our choices may not be the grandest.
I am thankful we don't have to choose between food or heat, shoes or winter coats. My heart breaks for the parents who have to tell their hungry children there just isn't any more.
I am thankful for the wonderful family we have and am all too aware that you never know when that visit will be last.

And, I'm thankful for family and friends that care enough to read these blog entries :)


CivilWar Fangirl said...

It might sound sappy but...I'm thankful I get to have you as my sister-in-law! :)

BTW, I have a Colm Feore story for you: I work RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from where he lives. I've seen him was near the end of June and he was out gardening. I make a point of walking by his house when I go for a walk at lunch. I'll say hi next time I see him ;)

Jeremy says I need to go through Mr. Feore's garbage/recycling when he has it set outside! ;)

JackiYo said...

Sappy, yes, but thanks! I'm very happy that Jeremy brought you into our family, too.

I LOVE Colm Feore. Met him once. I will now have to come and hang out where you work. Is that right down by the festival theatre? I thought I saw a museum by there.

CivilWar Fangirl said...


I'm so jealous you got to meet him! ;)I just got to watch him from afar one day. My co-worker practically had to drag me back inside ;). Yeppers...I'm right next to the Festival Theatre...but only until December 31st!

We had a few celebrities stop by the museum when it was open (we're closed now cause of the big move)...Christopher Plummer stopped by in June!

Jane Sr. said...

That is an awesome entry Jackie!! Happy Thanksgiving!

mom2peaches said...

you have got to stop making me cry!
thanks for the blog entry... :)

JackiYo said...

If it makes you feel any better, I tear up every time I read it, too.

Lisa said...

It's me Lisa Fitzgerald from PCRC with Sarah and Matthew. nice list! I didn't know you had a blog! We're moving to Mitchell maybe by Nov. 7th! Our house finally sold! my email address is and my phone number is 519-662-1868. Keep in touch!

JackiYo said...

Thanks! Mitchell, huh? Nov is pretty quick!

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