Saturday 12 September 2009

One of those moments

A peaceful calm and contentment came over me...
.. at McDonald's?! In the PLAYPLACE?!! Have you ever been inside one of those things? There were screaming, running, squealing kids everywhere. It was one of the Playplaces where the tables are right inside with the play structure. Not even where I'm just watching through the glass.

We had been to the zoo for my company's family day earlier, then we hit the Mighty Machines Showcase (with an hour or so drive in between those two events). Jean-Paul was with us at the zoo, but he went off to DJ a gig after that. So, I was by myself with the kidlets for Mighty Machines. I promised them if they did a good job of listening and behaving at Mighty Machines we could go out to dinner at McDonald's. (And I was really hoping not to have to figure out dinner!).

They were GREAT all day, so we went to McD's. They ate their Happy Meals and went to play. While they were playing and running around, they would look at me every once in a while to make sure I was still there - and they'd give me a great big smile. They were so happy.

It wasn't a day that hda been awful by any stretch of the imagination, it had just been hectic. We didn't get going in the morning when we had wanted to. (Big surprise to those with little ones, eh?!) So, we were a bit rushed at the zoo. The picnic area for our company's lunch was WAY at the back... We were rushed leaving - Daddy had to get to his gig and we wanted to make it to Mighty Machines (it only happens once a year.) We were a bit rushed at Mighty Machines since it was nearing the end - and some trucks started leaving by 4... It was supposed to go until 5, which it did, but I thought all the trucks/machines would have stayed until all the kids were gone.... Anyway. Whatever. The kids had a blast! I'll post pics and video soon.

So, I was sitting there in this loud play area watching them play and run and laugh and giggle and have fun with each other and smile at me... when this peace and calm just came over me. I found myself just sitting there and smiling, too. Not at anyone in particular. My smile would get a bit bigger when they looked at me, but it wasn't the only reason I was smiling. I was sitting there thinking - This is what it's all about. This is where I'm meant to be. Being thankful for this life. Being thankful for these kids. Being thankful for these simple moments.


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you got it...

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