Friday 7 November 2008

Alex's first DIY haircut

It had to happen eventually. Alex cut her own hair. She was doing some crafts and used her craft scissors on herself. She's been asking to get her haircut again - and now I guess she gets to!

Showing Mommy where she cut her hair.

The sheared lock.

Oh, "and why did she cut her hair?", you might ask. She cut it off to give to Daddy so he could glue it on his head and have some hair. Is that not sweet? :)


CivilWar Fangirl said...


When I was Alex's age, I cut the whisker's off my grandparent's cat.

Nathalie said...

Am I glad Lisa is not the only one within her friends who cut her hair. At least Alex did the bangs long enough not like Lisa.
All our scissors are banned from kids hights (she used craft scissors too and there is no mmore crafts with them)

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