Friday 1 June 2007

A Good News/Bad News Kinda Day

The good news?

Zach didn't really have what I'd a call a fussy time last night. Yay!! He ate around 11pm and went right into the crib. He woke up every three hours or so to get a bit of nourishment, but went right back to sleep. He did this until about 7:30 this morning. I thought we were about to have fussy time around 1:30am because 15 minutes after I put him down he started to fuss. At least I THOUGHT it was 15 minutes later... I looked at the clock and it had been THREE HOURS... it was almost 4:30!! That shows you how tired I was!!

The bad news?

I'm typing with one hand. Why? Well, since I'm almost fully recovered from the c-section, I thought I needed another challenge. So, I injured myself today. Pretty good, too. I thought I was on the bottom stair in my parents' garage, but I was wrong. I stepped down to where I thought the floor was - and it wasn't... My left foot went out from under me a I went crashing down top-half first onto the concrete. I broke my fall with my left (thank goodness) hand and my two littlest fingers went right back. I thought for sure I had broken them when I felt how far they went!! I think I just sprained them, but man does it hurt! And I can't do much with the hand. Two good things. 1) I'm already at my parents' place so I have built-in help. 2) It was my left hand, so I'm not totally useless. (And I guess three good things - I wasn't carrying Zach).

I had to interrupt my typing this blog because there was a bang and a cry from Alex's room. Looks like she fell head-first out of the bed... Like mother, like daughter. (She's ok, by the way)


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