Wednesday 27 June 2007

At least she told me....

As a step towards potty training, we've been trying to get Alex to at least tell us when she's pooped in her diaper. She doesn't want to take the time out to get her diaper changed, so it's usually the wafting the clues us in. Well, today she says to me "I pooped" and I turn around to see her holding the diaper in her hand! And yes, she had pooped... and it was not all in the diaper. Thank goodness she hadn't sat anywhere! It got cleaned up without incident.

Then tonight, as we were getting ready for bath, I took off her diaper just as she started to pee..... I just said "Oops, you had an accident. That's ok."

On a completely different topic - OMG is it hot!?! The temperature on our main floor today got to 30 degrees (without factoring in humidity) and it was 32 degrees in Alex's room. I don't even want to know what our bedroom is reading! Zach and I will be sleeping in the living room again tonight (just as we did last night - he slept in the playpen and I slept on the couch).

So, two more sleeps until CENTRAL AIR! YAY!!!!!!!! There's still soooo much packing to be done.. Oy!


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