Sunday 23 September 2007

Some comparison shots AKA "How well do you know your babies?"

No reason other than because I can. Here are some shots of Alexandria and Zachary around the same ages.... Can you tell which is which?
OK - those ones aren't really fair. Top one's Alex and the bottom is Zach.
Yes. It's Alex, Zach, Alex, Zach. I like to call the bottom two "My GOSH, that's a huge pumpkin!"
Yup. Alex then Zach (see a pattern - I made it pretty easy on you).
That piano gets A LOT of use!! (And yes, it's still Alex then Zach)
I threw one in of myself there. Tricked ya! (And then Alex and Zach). Lovin' the thumbs!
Do ya think they're related?! Check out those hairlines!!


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