Saturday 29 September 2007

Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy and Dopey

Maybe it's because I saw Sydney White this week (the movie with Amanda Bynes as a modern-day Snow White - sort of), but I was thinking of us in terms of the Seven Dwarfs....
I was driving along with Zach in the car and he was just babbling to himself and playing with Link-a-Doos. That makes him Happy. Anywhere we are supposed to go or (almost) anything we are going to do, Alexandria gives us her "I don't wanna", giving her the title of Grumpy. Me? I am so Sleepy. (A argument could probably be made for Grumpy for me, too). Yes, Zach has been sleeping more, but instead of taking advantage of it and still going to bed early, I've been staying up late.... Now, that leaves us with Dopey.That would be Jean-Paul. When he gets tired, for lack of a better description, he goes gooey in the brain. For example, someone needed to drop off equipment at our house after their gig last weekend. That means it was about 1am. Normally Jean-Paul would have been up, but he was exhausted. So when the DJ called to get final directions to the house, JP was very dopey indeed. He's on the phone with her and calls to me for help. She's at High and West* (names of streets changed). I just said, "Are you serious? That's where we live...." But, yes he still needed my help to direct her here!

Well, Zach was just Happy and Sleepy, but now he's turned into Grumpy, so I have to go. Hi ho, hi ho......


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