Sunday 9 September 2007

So you think you can dance?

Alexandria does. And can. We've signed her up for dance class. If her reaction to the dance studio at the open house was any indication, she'll love the classes. She thought the mirrored walls were pretty cool. She was dancing and prancing around the studio, making up her own dance as she went along. We've signed her up for a combination of ballet and jazz geared toward 3-5 year olds. Can't wait to see what they put together for the year-end show! (If she stays with the class. I'm sure she'll like it, but you can never tell. She is 3.)

Doing her own little dance moves here!

So, we went out and got her the shoes, leotard and tights. Quite cute, I must say!

I think she was trying to dance like a dinosaur here.

Too cute for words!


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