Wednesday 12 September 2007

Gee, do ya think she was excited?

I think the dance classes are going to go ok! We didn't get to watch, but I was allowed to snap a couple shots before they started the class. The one above is of the kids waiting for the class to begin. The little girl to her right was on the bench first and Alex climbed up beside her. Then the little girl with the green socks came along and Alex moved over and said "I moved over to make room for that kid". Then another girl came in and Alex said "The bench is full. You have to wait until we're off."

When we were getting changed for the class there was another mom and daughter in the room as well. The mom said "hi" and Alex said, "Hi, my name is Alexandria." The mom replied, "My name is Robin.". I introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Jacki" and then Alex piped up again and said to the mom, "But I call her Mommy."

Here is a picture of her "stretching" before the class and then a couple shots just as they were let into the dance studio for the class to begin. I can't wait for parents' night! It should be a blast!! :)


mom2peaches said...

ifeel like asking if i can go to parents night! it should be ablast1

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