Thursday 23 September 2010

Awesome things are afoot at THEMUSEUM

Tonight I attended the Titanic Grand Launch at THEMUSEUM (formerly The Waterloo Regional Children's Museum) on King Street, Downtown Kitchener.

The event was very well attended. It was a great night with "3rd class" entertainment, traditional fare such as scrumptious looking Cornish Pasties. They were also HUGE. I had just had dinner so I didn't partake in the yummies that were available. I did indulge in one glass of champagne. :)

Some amazing girls entertained us as well. It was hard to get pictures of them as they bounded around!

The Titanic exhibit was pretty cool. The artifacts - and especially the stories - are, of course, amazing. We get to see what the first class and third class travelers would have experienced in their rooms. It was incredible how much these passengers paid to be aboard the Titanic!

The part I loved the most about the exhibit was the boarding passes we each got. It gave us "our" name and details about our trip, what class we were traveling in, etc. At the end of the exhibit, we got to find out whether we survived or not. A really cool touch.

I learned some interesting things. I would recommend this exhibit for older kids, teens and adults.

We have a membership at THEMUSEUM. We have for three years and we put it to good use. The membership this year will get us into the Tom Thomson exhibit, however the Titanic exhibit is extra. There is a special price for museum members.

Now... for some "world premiere" and "exclusive" pics! I was allowed to take a peek at the second floor exhibit. Here's a taste of what you'll experience starting tomorrow. I know my kids will LOVE this stuff.

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