Thursday 9 September 2010

Potty training: the sequel... Day, um... lost count

I was going to write this post yesterday.

It was going to be about how well the potty training was going - or had gone.  I really felt as if we were at the end of the 'training'. That it was pretty much behind us.

That was if I had written the post yesterday.

But I didn't. I'm writing it today.

And today we somehow took an exit on 'Potty Training Happy Highway' and landed on 'where-the-hell-are-we?-are-we-even-on-the-map-anymore road'. With pot holes and crap.

Since we started the potty training, Zach had a few accidents here and there. He's only peed in his bed once, which I think is remarkable. We've done the 'go a week without any accidents and you can go to Toys R Us and pick out a toy.' (Yes, we totally went right to bribing this time.) We did the stickers on the chart for waking up dry and another chart for no-accident days. We've got a lot of stickers on those charts. In fact, there's only one hole on each of those charts for the past month. Woo-hoo! Awesome job! High five, Daddy-o! We've achieved 'potty-trainedness'!! We are awesome parents! Yes!

(Again... that was the mood as of yesterday...)

This morning Zach crawled into our bed, as he likes to do sometimes. He nicely snuggled in between Jean-Paul and I and slept nicely. Until about 6:15. Then he started getting wiggly. And restless. And laying on me instead of beside. For some reason he didn't want to lay in that spot anymore. I turned to lay him back down beside me and discovered why he didn't want to lay in that spot anymore. "Dude! You peed."

I took Zach and got him wiped down and changed and Daddy handled the changing of the sheets...

Fast forward to late this afternoon. Zach was mad at Mommy for not letting him watch more videos on the computer. He was in the playroom, finally, playing nicely. Mommy was getting a bit of work done. Then Mister Doodle came up to me and said, "My pants are wet." (He was also wafting. So he wasn't just "wet".)
I let him stand there for a moment because I don't want him to equate 'having an accident' to 'the best way to get Mommy away from her work'. (I debated this heavily in my head the whole time. Do I get up and tend to the boy immediately? Or do I let him stand there for a minute in his wet, stinky pants?)
Zach and I went upstairs and we did what we needed to do and put stuff where we needed to put it.
I asked him if he peed and pooped in his pants because he was mad at Mommy for not letting him watch videos. He said yes...

Let's hope this was the last "accident" Zoodle has....

He's lucky he's cute!

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