Tuesday 14 September 2010

Seriously... What. the. hell. Zach?!

I took Zach to the clinic today and he peed in a cup. They didn't pick up any sign of bladder infection there, but the sample's been sent to the lab for further tests..

He's been having 2-3 accidents a day since Thursday, and he's peeing again pretty much every night. We've started putting him back in 'nighttime diapers'. (Just regular diapers, but we only put him in one to sleep.) He's also been saying his 'penis hurts', too. He also said his 'tummy was itchy' a couple days ago.

Well, tonight? Jean-Paul was giving the kids a bath and Zachary POOPED IN THE TUB! He's NEVER done that (to my recollection). Alex did when she was little, but I don't think Zach ever did. What is going on, Buddy?!

He's also still coughing a bit. It's been almost a month of better and worse and better again, but not 100% normal. Pretty much since we got back from Mom and Tots camp.

I'm wondering if he's not handling the change of Daddy working more (so not being at home much) and Alexandria going back to school. And Mommy's been really busy at home, too. I need to pay more attention to him and give him some serious TLC.

I really hope this rights itself soon and that it's not something more serious...

Mommy loves you, little Doodle.
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