Tuesday 14 September 2010

She's definitely enjoying herself

At dinner we do the "high point" and "low point" of the day.

Today Zach talked all about playgroup and circle time and a story about sharing. And a song they sang, "Poor little fly on the wall.. whatever." :)

*He enjoyed recounting all the fun he had today in playgroup even though he cried and cried when we were on the way there, on the way into the building and when we got to the playgroup...

When it came to Alex's turn she said, "I don't have a high point. Everything at school is a high point! It's all SO GREAT! I love everything! And there are no low points either!!"

I asked to elaborate and she talked about how it's even better than kindergarten! She can play wherever they want to now - even in the field! :)

Alex is also feeling confident with the new French words she's learning. She can count to quatorze and name most of the colours: bleu, jaune, rouge, noir, orange, rose, blanc, and her favourite... violet. :)
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