Sunday 5 September 2010

"The More"

I absolutely love this concept. I just read a blog post by Elizabeth Potts Weinstein of Live Your Truth, and while most of her posts resonate with me, just one just blew me away. I was reading it and I usually am thinking, "So true, EPW. So. True." This one? I was screaming, "YES! That is it EXACTLY!"

Just as "The Nothing" in The Neverending Story is what is used to describe the absence of anything at all. "The More" is what is used to describe that presence of something else. Something missing. Something you KNOW is supposed to be there but, right now, isn't quite.

I not sure "The More" can quite be described to somebody who hasn't experienced it, just as "The Nothing" is so abstract a thought it makes your brain hurt if you really try to conceptualize it.

I have experienced "The More" moment. It was while I was talking to an amazing woman I met via Twitter. I now refer to her as my tell-it-like-it-is-truth-speaker.

As well-intentioned as those people are who try to steer my path to where they feel it should be, I know I feel "The More."

And because I feel it, it must exist.

And just as the-scariest-wolf-monster-my-tween-self-had-ever-seen embodied "The Nothing"; I feel "The More" is that flittering-something-or-other you catch out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to really see it, it's gone. I'm now open to accept "The More." I've acknowledged "The More" and I even welcome "The More."

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This ride that I'm on is scary as hell, but I can feel it's right.

And, I leave you with this. Sorry, embedding has been disabled...

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