Saturday 1 December 2007

A bloody lip and the emergency room

And, those two things were not related. We had a great first night at Grandma and Grandpa's! Alexandria was having fun spinning around on the floor until...... BAM! Face first into the hardwood. Bit her top lip and has a bruise on her nose that showed up this morning. Yes. There was blood. I think we've actually done remarkably well to make it to 3 years, 3 months and 9 days with no blood from our daughter. She's ok, though. Mommies and popsicles make things better.

Now. The emergency room. Zach's wasn't feeling great yesterday. Stuffy nose. Little cough. Nothing much. Around 7pm he had a fever of around 100F. We let him go in just his diaper for a bit and that seemed to help. We went to bed. He wouldn't sleep for more than about 45 minutes before waking up. I had him in bed with me for a bit to try to help BOTH of us get some sleep. Around 1am I took his temp again. He was up to about 102F. He wasn't settling anymore and he was just moaning. (A cute moan, but a moan nonetheless). Also, his coughing had started getting barky. I called the hospital emerg and, of course, they said to bring him in because they couldn't say much without seeing him. It was actually probably a good thing we were at the grandparents since there was no one in the emergency room and it was a fairly quick visit. He got a dose of something that starts with a D and we headed home with the advice to follow up with our family doc this week.

He slept in his car seat for the rest of the night (waking about every hour or so, but would go back down fairly easily). He's pretty tired and sad today. He's sleeping a lot (wish I was, too!!) Alex still has a bit of a fat lip, but she's doing ok, too.


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