Tuesday 5 August 2008

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

And they did! So did we. Ontario Place was fun. Unnecessarily spread out between attractions, but fun. We saw Toopy and Binoo, Dinosaurs of Patagonia (Zach's comment "di-saur, rawr!"), rode on some spinning cars, watched our Monkey crash a pink cadillac, played and played and played at Soak City. Even when 7pm rolled around, she still wanted to do more, "But I didn't go on all the rides yet!"
Ready for "Alex and Zachary's Day of FUN!"

On the spinning cars with Mommy.

Waiting for Toopy and Binoo to come out
(and flirting a bit in the meantime).
When it started to get crowded at the fence, Alexandria and the boy in blue starting pushing each other a bit. His Dad yelled out, "Alex!" and they both turned around and stopped.
Too funny. They both thought he meant them.
Two birds, one stone.

Zach enjoying Toopy and Binoo.

FINALLY down for a bit of a sleep - after over an hour in soak city!

Takes a lot of concentration!

Lovin' the MegaBlocks!

Alex having a blast driving! Not good at it, but had fun.
Note the escort that had to follow her around and help her get "unstuck" over and over! :)

Daddy gets a turn on the spinning cars.
Who's having more fun?!

Enjoying the cars.

Waving at Zach and Mommy. Zach was waving back, too! :)


CivilWar Fangirl said...

Looks like all of you had a good time! It's been 20 years since I was last at Ontario Place...and it looks like it's changed quite a bit! All I remember from when I was there is the Soak City part of it.

BTW, awesome concert last night!!! :)

JackiYo said...

They took out the part I really remember that was right by Soak City. Too bad. It's just wasted space now.

Jane Sr. said...

Looks like you had tons of fun...Zach is getting soooo big!!

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