Wednesday 29 April 2009

A brave little boy and a whiny little girl

We had an impromtu trip to Toronto today to visit our doc. (Yes. We still go to T.O. for the doctor because she's that awesome.)

Alexandria woke up screaming with an ear infection in the wee hours Tuesday morning. She was not feeling well Tuesday. I think she watched The Aristocats about 3 times that day. (Not The Aristocrats... that's different. I don't think she'd enjoy that as much.) We booked an appointment for today and decided we might as well do Zach's 2 year "well-baby" appointment (and his 15 month shot). We're a bit behind on the immunizations. I won't do more than one shot at a time. Just a gut feeling I have about not bombarding his so-tiny body with more than one thing to fight at a time. I'm not reassured by all the back and forth about immunizations and they're affects on kids.

He was such a good boy. NO CRYING AT ALL! Not one peep. The drugs may have helped :) We dosed him with Tylenol about 30-45 minutes before the shot. He also cooperated really well with the doctor. Let her listen to his chest and lungs, in his ears and his eyes, as well as his mouth, teeth and throat, even sticking out his tongue when asked. Wait. He does that all the time anyway.... He's only 21 pounds. He should technically be REAR facing in his carseat still!! They recommend until 22 pounds. Sheesh. He's also about 31 1/2 inches tall now. His weight is "arcing" along the curve as it should (although off the percentile charts.. way below "normal".)

Alex was so whiny today. Poor little girl. She was NOT herself at all. Lethargic and sad :( She weighs in at 31 pounds. I don't think she's gaining. The doc said we'll see how she's doing in a bit and discuss it more then. She's about 39 3/4 inches now, too. Still not at the magic 42" where she can go on rides herself.

Speaking of rides. Tomorrow night is the fun fair at her school. Even if she doesn't go to school tomorrow, I think I'll take her over there for a bit. And there's a midway not too far we may go to depending on the weather and how she feels. We'll see.


Lisa aka @those2girls said...

we had several bouts of ear infections when my son was a toddler, though that we might end up having to go the "ear tube" route, just to keep us out of the emergency room every couple of month. Luckily they stopped! I've come to realized they stopped when all of his teeth came in.

Good for your son. My son needs periodic blood tests, so it's all about the bribes...behave & we'll get McDonalds (or go to the Dollarama etc)

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