Monday 18 May 2009

One person's junk....

We hit the New Dundee Victoria Day celebrations today. We got to ride in a hot air balloon (tethered to the ground, but still very cool). Kids thought it was very neat! No door in the basket, though. Mommy have to vault over the side. Haven't had to do anything like that in a long time! I'll scaled fences and such before, but not for a LONG time!!
They had fun on the bouncers (jumping castle, big slide and such) and "fishing" (had to do that one twice). We brought home some really cheap, crappy prizes that the kids think are way cool.
There was also a town-wide yard sale going on and we all came back with a few treasures. Guess what Zach picked? Hmmmmm. MONSTER TRUCK! 50 cents. Alex picked out a jumping spider. Go figure.


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