Tuesday 16 June 2009

Catastrophe averted!

I went to McDonald's with the kids for a treat on Saturday (I think... days are a blurr). We went up to get sundaes and, what?! No hot fudge?!! How could that be? What are they thinking?! What marketing genius thought this would be a good idea?

By the way, McDonald's has also recently foregone their trademark orange pop for Coke Zero, so when I was told they "no longer have hot fudge" I wasn't overly shocked at the lame move. The employee had no idea what was going on.

I happened to be in a McDonald's today, so I inquired. (As Jean-Paul had said, "Without hot fudge, what's the point?") I found out that, whew, it's only a temporary thing and they should be getting more hot fudge soon. Apparently it's all been recalled. What?! They don't know why. "We haven't been told anything," said the need-to-know-basis employees.


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