Friday 21 August 2009

What'd she say?

Alexandria is FIVE today! Five?! How'd that happen?... She'll be off to SENIOR Kindergarten in a couple weeks. (And speaking of that... Where'd the summer go?!)

She's developing into quite the independent little person. She comes out with these funny, little, grown-up-ish sentences and it's quite humourous sometimes.

While we were sitting eating some ice cream on The Square in Goderich, "What the heck am I seeing?!" came from the little girl. She said that in response to a shirtless man walking by.

About a rainy day while staying at Grandma and Grandpa's in Goderich, "I don't mind days like these. I can just lay around and watch movies." (Or something to that effect. Correct me if I'm wrong, Grandpa!)

Another Goderich one. (What's it with Goderich?) After Grandma and Grandpa had taken the kids to the beach, a ship was coming into the harbour. They went over to watch the tugboats push it in and then watched it get ready to load some salt. The next day the headed to the beach again. Grandpa said, "The ship must have gotten loaded with salt and went on its way." This prompted Alex to respond with, "Good! At least we don't have to sit and watch that again!" (Again, I'm paraphrasing based on a conversation with my dad.)

I need to write more of these down. They're pretty funny. To us anyway!


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